The Nike LeBron 14 is the next signature shoe from Nike and LeBron James that will include a retail price tag of $175 USD, and not $200 USD like his current Nike LeBron 13.


Nike Basketball is planning to reduce the price tag of LeBron James’ signature line, which will begin with the Nike LeBron 14.

After having trouble selling Nike LeBron and KD sneakers, the Swoosh has decided to reduce the prices in both athletes signature shoes. Kevin Durant’s have recently went from selling at $180 USD to now $150 USD for the Nike KD 9.

Let us know if you guys think this will help sell more Nike LeBrons in the comments section. Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for the official unveiling of the Nike LeBron 14 to come in the next few months.

If you ask me, the LeBron 14 shouldn’t retail for more than $150 USD. You guys agree?

Nike Lowering LeBron 14 Price

Source: IcySoleOnline

  • Mike for tx

    I mean $50 would really be a price change that’ll catch people’s attention and you know the shoe would be worth 150 no doubt. So yeah I agree

  • Lol

    Lol, we at Nike feel bad for robbing your ASSES year after year and will do the right thing and lower LeBron’s sneaker prices!!!!

    • Bob

      Boy you not at Nike.

      • Lol

        No shit Sherlock, lol!!!!

      • SLADE

        You sound dumb as FUCK.

  • Randy Watson

    LeBron 13s were soo trash that Nike took a big L. All color ways were at the outlets. So now they want to do consumers a favor by lowering the price. .. FOH! if they trash no one is buying even if the price is $100.