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Nike Koston 2: The Legend Grows

Did you hear about Koston? Skateboarding has come a long way in the last two decades, but in his twentieth year as a pro, Eric Koston is still the cause of conversation. As a skater’s skater, competition champion, street pioneer and relentless innovator, the legend keeps growing.

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Playing on the hushed tones that tricks like his 360 flip frontside noseblunt slide were spoken in, for the Nike Koston 2 campaign Eric performs a ledge trick that becomes fodder for word-of-mouth gossip, and soon grows to legendary status thanks to an all-star cast.

Eric’s no stranger to storytelling,

“I thought it was funny because it’s what happens but we took it to another level. We made it a little more slapstick. These rumors do start and spread and then you find out it’s not true.”

It’s a trick so revered that the gossip goes global, starting with Nike Skateboarding team riders Sean Malto to Ishod Wair at ground zero. From there, it endures a language change to reach Brazilian footballer Neymar as his famous mane is styled. Making it back to the Nike SB team, Paul Rodriguez learns of Eric’s feat through a talkative dentist. Kyrie Irving explains his version in the middle of practice, and even Allyson Felix joins the gossip during training — Ending with another sport legend, Tiger Woods, as he exits a grocery store — it’s clear the legend that is Eric Koston has no end in sight.

The Nike Koston 2 provides superior breathability, support and durability. Extra flexibility, midfoot protection, a locked-in fit and an anatomically designed sock liner for a smooth ride ready for whatever is thrown it’s way. It’s everything Eric needs to take on rails, security guards, crazed dogs and anything else that makes a legend.

The commercial was directed by Jon Humphries and music is by Otis Redding. For more information on the Nike SB Koston 2 visit nikeskateboarding.com.

Source: Nike, Inc.

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