It’s pretty safe to say that the Kobe Bryant and LeBron James lines are the two most proven Nike Basketball sneakers that will see a retro release sooner than later.


Both athletes’ brand are two of the most popular lines to-date, and the next major step for both superstars are retro releases.

Nike Kobe Retro vs Nike LeBron Retro

They’ve dropped a handful of eye-catching releases and highly sought after colorways and there isn’t a sneakerhead out there that wouldn’t love to get their hands on a few of them once again.

So with that being said, who do you think will have more success with their retro releases? It’s more likely that we’ll see Nike Kobe Retros first, being how he’s only a few more months from walking away from the game.

Nike Kobe Retro vs Nike LeBron Retro


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