The 2015 Nike Black History Month Collection is a collection of products that pay tribute to 6 people who have positively impacted their sports. Those 6 people are: John Thompson, Theotis Beasley, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Brianna Rollins, Jerry Rice, and C. Vivian Stringer.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the 2015 Black History Month collection will go to the Ever Higher Fund. Nike’s Ever Higher fund supports organizations that leverage the power of sport to maximize the potential of underserved youth. Their mission is to assist communities with knowledge, resources, and tools for the next generation of leaders. All shoes that are a part of the Nike Black History Month collection, including the Nike Kobe 9 Elite, feature a black and white palette and a mix of three different prints.

Starting with the upper, the entire upper of the shoe is made of the Nike Flyknit material and mesh done in the 2015 Black History month collection color theme of black and white. Throughout the entire upper there is a cross stitched pattern with more of the black colorway on the outside foot of the upper with hits of white and more white on the inner foot with hits of black. Around the heel and collar of the upper there is a layer of thick vinyl for added support around your ankles and Achilles, notice the circles around your ankle area. Also the swoosh on either side of the upper is in contrast to the dominant color on each side of the shoe. A White swoosh on the outside foot and a black swoosh on the inner foot.

The tongue is made of black netting with a layer of white mesh underneath. You have black laces and at the foot of your tongue you have silver lace jewelry with the acronym “BHM” interlocked between each other. At the top of your tongue is the Kobe trifecta logo stitched in white with his signature above it also stitched in white. On the back of the tongue is a vinyl patch with the word STRUGGLE stitched in white. Kobe’s signature is below that also stitched in white.

On the back heel of the upper you have a thin strip of white stitched around the collar of the shoe. Underneath that is a thicker strip of black stitched with the the letters “KB Ninth”. Going vertically down the neck of the heel are 9 stitched white lines representing the surgery Kobe had on his Achilles as well as his 9th signature shoe.

The midsole is solid black and wraps around the base of the upper except for the toe area. On both sides of the heel and near the forefront of the outer foot you have black carbon fiber plates extending upward from the midsole for added strength and support. On the heel of your midsole there is a raised black shield with the Kobe trifecta logo within it.

The entire outsole is white with wave like grooves along the toe area in place of the midsole and on the bottom of the shoe there are traction grooves outlining the stress points of your foot running throughout the length of the shoe. On the heel of the outsole there is a black pod with the Kobe trifecta logo