Nike Kobe 10 X Laker Purple

Another Nike Kobe 10 surfaces while Kobe Bryant continues to make history in his Kobe 9, before Nike Basketball officially unveils the Kobe 10.


This is the second Nike Kobe 10 to leak, having the “Blue Lagoon” pair being the first preview one. However, this Kobe 10 stays pretty traditional in color dressed in a Laker Purple. Other features to this colorway include Black on the tongue, inner lining and Nike Swoosh. The tongue has detailing of a scale-shaped cutouts, while the Nike Swoosh features 3M reflective. Four Red stitches on the heel, finished with a Purple translucent outsole that includes visible Zoom bags the the numeral number of 10 “X” on the sole of the heel.

As of right now there is no official release date set for these, but reports do have them launching sometime this February 2015. Check out the additional photos below and let us know what you guys think of them in the comments section. From what you’ve seen, are you liking the new Kobe 10?

Nike Kobe 10 X Laker Purple









Nike Kobe 10 X Purple




Source: KOD / us11hustla

  • cole

    these are so whack. remind me of a bad version of the kd 5 elite

    • ColeWorldNoBlanket

      then don’t buy them hoe

  • La La Land


  • T$ .

    They are not even as bad as people are making them seem . People are gonna switch up as soon as a limited pair drops . Just like the 9s everybody complained about em but the masterpiece dropped and everybody wanted em .

  • T$ .

    I like em so , i’ll be picking up them if they are a decent price .

  • Kicks Giggles

    These shits kinda lame kobe 9 detail best kobe ever

  • Mr.Amazing

    Omg these look COMPLETELY different than the Kobe 9 low. I mean they changed everything!

  • Foxx561

    eh. i miss complaing about the elf shoe quality. i dnt know what to think about these….them elf shoes were comfortable tho

  • J_Collector

    Look like an orthopedic basketball shoe guess these are a microcosm of kobes retirement

    • ColeWorldNoBlanket

      lame ass joke

      • J_Collector

        Lame enough to get a reaction out of you though

  • Kev Harvington

    Coming from a sick kobe 9, to these is moving backwards I think. The basic as fuck

  • Trixr4kids

    Kobe 9’s are increasing in value every time more pictures of these leak. To quote a kid, that looked to be about 15, that was waiting in line with his friends for an 11 raffle ticket…

    “I really want those Christmas Kobes bad because the new ones look like they’re gonna suck really bad…they look like sneakers my mom would buy me from Ross.”

    Might just be 15ish, but their opinion is what determines what hits or misses.

    • J_Collector

      with the high ass price point that kobes have i doubt it i still see plenty of pairs sitting in retailers and a plethora of pairs sitting on ebay cause some people really think they can make $300+ on them

  • HL

    they’re okay but they shouldn’t cost more than 130.

  • TorontoOverAnyOtherCity

    These are boooty

  • Flu

    Yeah, Kobe is probably gonna retire soon, but you dont have to half-ass his shoes because of it Nike.

  • kobe4mvp

    Heard that they making a high top too

  • ThePrufessa

    Once again Kobe steals something from the most recent Air Jordan. Seems like he’s been doing this ever since he joined Nike. Not him but his designers.

    • LovePthisiskindofcrazybutowell

      I’m going to kidnap you if you don’t respond to me. I’m going to stalk you until you surface.

  • ThePrufessa

    Just when I thought they were getting away from this design form that they’ve been using since the VI they go right back to it. Doesn’t make sense from a design standpoint. Let your designs evolve. That’s why I’m never complaining when Jordan Brand evolves their designs. The only Jordan’s I really didn’t like were the XV and I own a pair of those.