Nike Kobe X Pain Release Date

The Nike Kobe 10 “Pain” is the latest Nike Kobe 10 that is set to receive a release date for the Summer.


Inspired by a masked mamba’s first game came Kobe’s senior year after he broke his nose diving for a ball. The next night, after going 4-for-14 wearing a mask, Kobe threw it in the trash at halftime and went off. Through the pain, he finished with 39 points in an overtime win that would take his team to state.

This “Pain” edition of the Nike Kobe 10 is highlighted with a 3M Reflective/heat-activated print covering majority of the upper. The print overlays a full mesh build that includes detailing of Red dots throughout the entire base of the shoe. Finishing off the look is a semi-translucent outsole with the same Red color seen on the Air unit.

Nike Kobe 10 “Pain” Release Date

Check out the additional detailed photos of the Nike Kobe 10 “Pain” below and look for them to release on Thursday, July 9th, 2015 at select Nike Basketball retailers. The retail price tag is set at $180 USD.

Nike Kobe 10 “Pain”
Metallic Silver/Midnight Navy-White-Team Orange
July 9, 2015

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Nike Kobe X Pain Release Date

Nike Kobe X Pain Release Date

Nike Kobe X Pain Release Date

Nike Kobe X Pain Release Date

Nike Kobe X Pain Release Date

Nike Kobe X Pain Release Date

Nike Kobe X Pain Release Date

  • Aj


  • Stevens

    love these joints. maybe the best kobe 10 yet

  • mh

    pure 100% trash…..

    • dizzle1119

      Couldn’t possibly agree more. The Kobe X has sucked in general.

  • dizzle1119

    The Kobe X is an utter failure. Even the flyknit lows look bad. For me it’s the godawful tooling. Seriously, the mid/outsole on the X is absolute shit. I don’t know if that’s what keeps most other folks from caring about the X, but that’s why I don’t like them.

    …and then there’s the whole “plain looking plastic shoes shouldn’t cost $200” argument, which is far beyond valid.

    The Kobe 9 Elite highs were awful, too…but at least they sold well. Has there been a Kobe x release (other than the super limited Tinker models) that sold out? If so, I’m unaware..but that’s mostly because I don’t even bother clicking the release links on twitter.

    • b thumper

      Generally, i would have agreed with you. But to be honest, once you hold the shoe and put it on, youd see that none of what you said is actually true. Im not tryin to persuade your opinion, cuz i felt the same way…also about the kd and lb sneakers, but the material really is pretty good. Also, you have to remember that its made for performance first, and the fashion is a close second, so although none of the kobe, kd, or lebrons will ever sell out, and most are garbage, out of the three the kobe is the least plastic and honestly has the best craftsmanship. Followed (and it pains me to say this) by the lebrons. Kds are litterally a composite plastic. Try a kobe on. Might be surprised. Problem i think is the colorways usually piss me off and your right, the highs are stupid, though they make sense for him…again, as a basketball shoe. But 200? Your right, not a fan either. Anyways, just sayin bro. This is the only colorway i have ever liked of kobes. Felt compelled. Peace.

  • Kicks Giggles

    wtf is this

  • Hutch 19D

    No no no… Hell naw😠😡😡… We aren’t blind mfkas👀👎

  • ChiRaqGoofies

    KEEP RACK up Dem L’s KOBE lol..#Pain? #PainFrmLooknAtDisGarbage #PainOfWatchinDaLakerSeason #PainOfDaDumbAssDatBuyDese #WhichPain?lol

  • Jake E Torres

    Looks like they’re trying to capture the skid row homeless in LA on this upper. Totally fucked up.

  • KX

    Holy SHIT!!! My eyes burn WTF NIKE!!!!

  • YinYang

    They look like fish that have been run over by a 18 wheeler. Worst signature sneaker of the year. Maybe all time.

  • Hutch 19D

    A better look??? I feel like yall should pay us compensation😡😡😡😤

  • Pain is what you feel when you look at these

  • michigan

    Crazy im actually a fan of the kobe 10’s. Just not at this price point. These should be a $130.00 shoe at most. Reason why I haven’t copped a pair yet.

    • W_dubb

      what’s the difference between price and price point?

  • Casey

    Kobe X elites are nice though

  • W_dubb

    throw these in the garbage

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