Kobe 10

In addition to the Nike Kobe 10, it looks like there will be a Nike Kobe 10 High set to release later this year, 2015.


Following the success from the Nike Kobe 9 Elite High, Nike Basketball appears to be continuing the high-top silhouette onto the Nike Kobe 10. Here is the first look at the Nike Kobe 10 High that is built with a bootie-like base with Flyknit materials.

As of now there is no confirmation on a release date, or when we can expect to see the Nike Kobe 10 High debut. Keep it locked to Sneaker Bar for further updates as they develop. Let us know what you guys think in the comments section.

Check out these new photos of the Kobe 10 below as we also give you a quick comparison look of both Kobe 10 High and Kobe 10 Low. Which are you feeling more?

Kobe 10




Kobe X



Nike Kobe 10 High

Source: sdash_3 / ajsole_com

  • jenkin

    gotta see more

    • dick

      jenkin u gay fag u got no friends

  • J Rock

    Kobe 9 v2. Creativity is seriously lacking with all of Nike basketball now.

  • T$ .

    Sole kills em

  • P

    Wtf are these TERRIBLE – beyond ugly I didn’t even like the 9 high to much its ok n looks better then these tho .. I’m just not a fan of a boot or boxing shoes as basketball shoes … I mean the lows are n always have been 10x better they need to just stick with what works n looks better cause these new high tops r stupid ugly

  • Intellek

    They look like a poor man version of the k9, but still with the rape price

  • Me.mcfl

    Roshe x kobe 9 elite

  • Feaped

    Ima stick to kobe 9 elites

  • Doc Bill

    In the right colorway these are killin

  • dizzle1119


  • NoName

    lmao kobe 9 on ‘roids. I’d stick with the flyknit lows. This model will be much lighter IMO

  • Kingisht

    No no no no no no no no.

  • Mike

    All I have to say about these are just WHY!? It’s almost like Nike is running out of ideas for new models. The wrestling boot look for the Kobe 9s went well together because it was new and unique and also had never been done before to a basketball ball sneaker but doing it again for the next model just goes to show how lazy Nike can be. Was hoping that they would put more creativity into Kobe’s last few models and help my man Kobe finish his career out with a bang.

    • J Smooth

      I feel you on that but uk if its not MJ where talking about they r not going to put their best effort. Bcuz growing up I always wondered how come MJ is the only player with great/different basketball shoe designs & colors its just strange to me but I honestly I think theY don’t want him having any competition if u ask me. For instants look at all the great players today who r under the Jordan label they don’t have ONE decent shoe SMH IT’S SAD!!!!!!

    • JnrBunnies Blake

      Kobe is the one that comes up with the ideas you idiot, so most of the shoe was thought up by him. This is his idea of ‘going out with a bang’. He don’t give af what you think about her, he liked em so here they are!

  • dizzle1119

    These are absolute garbage in terms of casual appeal. I didn’t think they could make uglier shoes than the Kobe 9 Elite High…..but they actually pulled it off.

    WTF are they thinking?

  • Foxx561

    9’s looked like wrestling shoes. 10’s look like power ranger shoes. lol

  • Kicks Giggles

    These shits boo boo… Crazy the kobe 9 detail is my grail of all shoes the rest of the 9s was ehhhh and the 10s is wack

  • SMH get creative


  • Daniel Christensen

    I think they’re pretty dope. I mean, honestly, nobody does high tops except for UA and their are only limited edition. I think it’s a good marketing move. And they look better than the (s, in my opinion. More aesthetically pleasing, nicer to look at.