Nike KD 8 VIII

Nike KD 8 Sketch


Nike KD 8 Sabertooth Fang

Nike KD 8 VIII Bright Crimson

Nike KD 8 Crimson

Nike KD 8 Bright Crimson

Nike KD 8 Bright Crimson

Nike KD 8 Bright Crimson

Nike KD 8 Bright Crimson

Nike KD 8 Bright Crimson

Nike KD 8 VIII Bright Crimson

Nike KD 8 VIII Bright Crimson

Source: snkr_base / weocia

  • Aldrian Moore


  • Maxxx


  • Wing

    There like a hybrid air max KD all into one shoe. Dope as fuck. Not sure how they’ll be for ball tho

  • michigan

    I like these a lot. Hopefully Nike doesn’t jack up the price much otherwise ill be sticking to the Irving’s. Kobe’s and Bron’s are already out of my price range.

    • michigan

      Lol damn $180.00 just like the Kobe’s smh well they priced me out

  • ono

    they look like some air max 14 all red

  • Kingtidd

    I love how KD’s design changes every year

  • exel leon

    Kobes and lebron 12 low

  • jjamesonthekid

    I like this shoe but $180 is a $30 price increase from last years model. However this shoe makes me forget my hate for the all red shoe hype. I’ll cop though.

  • Big Papi

    Idk about these

  • fast432

    Air Max + Kobe 8 = KD 8.

  • greg

    Lol these are hideous. Seriously Nike is just giving up with designs these days. Like the lebron 12’s are a serious disappointment. But if these are the final editions of the new kd’s…wow that’s sad. These look like some wannabe trainer running shoes, mixed with some max air which makes the shoe look very cheap and overdone. The woven upper makes me feel like they aren’t even hoopin shoes. Disgusting

    • Toddler

      I bet you cop at least two pairs when they drop. Trust me, these are going to be the next big thing to Nike.

      • Sneakerhead Ricky

        Lol exactly

      • Ghost face

        Lol, someone needs to clean the shit outta there eyes!! These are straight up ugly as hell!!!!!!!

    • john p

      make the shoe look cheap? you know retail on the 2015 air max are $30-$40 more than the KD 7 retail price right?

    • Troy Pittman

      fuck outa here the lebron 12 are cool foreal buhh the kd8 tf are these

      • Ghost Face

        True the 12’s are nice but Greg is spot on, these are fucking hideous!!!


    Look like some nasty air max’s

  • Bruce

    im excited about these joints for sure

  • dizzle1119

    I was in love the moment I saw that first pic……….and then I scrolled down a little and realized this shoe has the worst looking midsole in the history of midsoles.

    …but hey, at least it’s not the “concept art” depicting a shoe with a built in full length sock that I thought we were gonna get.

    Still, easy pass all the way across the board, regardless of material/theme/CW/packaging. These are terrible.

  • Lol!!!!

    Lol, people saying shit like these are dope and excited for these. Seriously Nike got your ASSES excepting the fact that this is what your getting from now on, take or leave it, lol!!!

  • Zut

    Oh shit I’m going to go running in these πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Wack!!! Bring back the damm 4’s or at least a similar look with that big full strap, and get these the fugly’s the fuxs up out of here. πŸ‘Œ

  • jamaal coming up

    all of you who say the shoe ugly need to stfu because you guys said the same thing about the 6s and 7s,4s and most of you are rocking them

  • NEED

    these are slowly growing on me. its official. i like them

  • Lol — What happened to that dumbass idea of having a sock-like material go all the way up the leg?!

    • dizzle1119

      They gotta save something for the “elite” version. lol

  • dizzle1119

    They look even worse on foot.

    …and men need to stop wearing skin tight pants.

    • GQPlayBoy

      you don’t know fashion. no diss, but you just don’t know my man. this guy did wrong with white socks tho.

      • W_dubb


      • dizzle1119

        I know all about joggers. I just think they look feminine and stupid.

  • MartinF.

    Wack!!!!!!!! And stop showing every release on pussy ass joggers!!!!!

  • InMy02’s

    These are running shoes right smdh not that I gave a phuck about a KD in a while

  • Yahya Hussein

    the box looks better than the shoes

  • I J S

    At first I saw these and thought air max runners but the on feet don’t look to bad. I’d buy them if they were about 120 or maybe 140. But 180 is pushing it.

  • Cristian

    maybe ill like the kd 9s better..

  • Teek_98

    These wont sell well

  • GreenMeanie

    Nike is going to have to build new outlet stores just for all the junk plastic Kobe Xs and KD 8s. That or just outfit the entire 3rd world for free.

  • Ghost Face

    Are Nike falling on hard times? Do they need to cut back or something?? These are cheap looking and scream desperate rushed sneaker!!!!

    • Jade Booth

      ㅋ◐◐◐◐◐◐◐◐Get More Info β˜›


      • Jacob

        Nooooo one cares your a scam no one makes that much on the internet and no ones believes your scam GTFOH

  • Mark

    What the hell…? These look like Air Max’s with a KD logo on them..

    • Sneakerheadβ€”-

      exactly I feel the same way

  • Fambino

    Too me this shit is ugly af…gotta seem em in person before i think any different


    The sketch always looks better than the shoe

  • Will

    Junk Junk!!!! They look like Air Max for Basketball. C’mon Nike that’s the best shoe you guys can come up with for KD??? The KD7s are way better in my opinion..

  • ono

    I like the cat sketch that’s about it

  • beatsbymarcus78

    these butt butt

  • ChiRaqGoofies

    Full length zoom w/ deep flex all for it #Realniggashit #KDoverKB

  • Everyone82

    These pretty much suck.

  • InMy02’s

    I gotta see the other 19 colorways 1st smdh

  • BXNYC718

    Nike wasted no time Increasing the price to 180….I remember when KDs were -$130 lol

    • J Rock

      i remember when they were $95 lmao

  • More like snaggelpuss

    The air max portion looks like a flat tire. If their as comfortable as the kobe X then maybe a cop……but it’d a BIG maybe.

  • Jayme C

    These look like the most comfy hooping shoes EVER. The grip looks insane. But highly doubt I would rock off court. Maybe. I guess will see if they do some Flyknit options. How they do the floral and aunt pearl.