Nike KD 7 EXT Canvas Polka Dots

Nike Sportswear has been dressing up the Nike KD 7 EXT edition of the Nike KD 7 in some unique design patterns. Today, we get a first look at this Nike KD 7 EXT Plaid Polka Dots version that is set to launch later this year.

Nike KD 7 EXT Plaid Polka Dots – Colorway Details


This “Plaid & Polka” edition of the Nike KD 7 EXT is dressed in a mixture of University Red, Black and White color scheme. The shoe is inspired by a more fashionable styling of Kevin Durant that features a plaid based box box in addition to polka dots detailing on the heel.

Nike KD 7 EXT Plaid Polka Dots – Release Date

Check out the official and detailed photos of the fashionable designed Nike KD 7 EXT “Plaid and Polka Dots” colorway below and look for them available now at select Nike Sportswear retailers, including The retail price tag is set at $200 USD.

University Red/Black-White
June 12, 2015

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Nike KD 7 EXT Canvas Polka Dots

Nike KD 7 EXT Canvas Polka Dots

Nike KD 7 EXT Canvas Polka Dots

Nike KD 7 EXT Canvas Polka Dots

Nike KD 7 EXT Canvas Polka Dots

Nike KD 7 EXT Canvas Polka Dots

Nike KD 7 EXT Canvas Polka Dots

Nike KD 7 EXT Canvas Polka Dots

Source: Footpatrol

  • smith

    WTF are these

  • Trigga

    would have been better if the whole shoe was plaid

  • Chris

    These are soooooo bad.

  • RockawayBully

    Wtf these are in the top 10 for ugliest shoes ever SMH no Bueno Nike

  • wolf

    What the kd? Nah just another ugly design

  • J Rock

    *face palm*

  • JoeyJoeJo Jr.Shabadoo


  • Yahya Hussein

    Looks like Nike changed their mind in the middle of the design process

  • KingWhat

    Looks like a scottish man threw up on th KD 6 Birthday. If I see a person in real life with these shits, I’m offing him and myself.

  • ShoeEtiquette

    Ain’t no way Durant approved this Frankenstein type concoction to be put into production no fucking way

  • Black Ty

    shit the bed these are ugly

  • Dale

    NIKE really? WTF are these keep these out of the USA

  • shoegamekd_

    them things fire

  • ChiRaqGoofies

    And they wonder why KD almost left Nike lol

  • Cihigh

    Definitely part of the hipster’s starter pack

  • derran

    I like them Clearwater and blue lacquer

  • Mindofsmart

    I’m pretty sure you are just going to get it if it’s limited and resale

    • JDLaw

      Naa like yall lookin at them comparing them to like a aunt pearl or global games but these are creative something you wouldn’t normaly see and hats why I like them

      • Just don’t do it

        Care to explain where these are creative?

  • JDLaw

    I like those honestly

  • webber

    im kind of feeling these


      They would definitely work if they had golf spikes that’s about it tho lol

  • InMy02’s

    Get these THE phuck outta here, so you mean to tell me KD has no say so on colorways? And if he does get him the phuck outta here too lol

  • Q Z

    Soooo pretty much nike took the leftover materials from the NSW 6’s and threw together on the 7 lol

  • dogshit

    Another gay ass kd…if it ain’t js or plain foams shit on them

    • LaMark Joseph

      But yu dnt cop j’s or foams yu jus broke ass jitt yu jus sit on here an tlk shit bout kicks yu cant afford

  • Drunk ass NikeID’s

  • Kingisht

    SMH. Nike is about to price me out of their kicks. $200 for these? Them Kyrie Irving’s gonna slowly hit $200 next. Watch. SMH. Nike you are something else…


    I wouldn’t pay anything north of 75 bucks for these hideous shoes Im enjoying the Damian Lillard NYC all star editions tho they are the white ones with the black tip Go Blazers

  • sneakerhead23

    it looks like some 8 year old kid discovered nike id and then this happened

  • ChiRaqGoofies

    In the words of Jesus Christ “Fuck No”

  • katrina robinson

    Got to have these and the what the!!! KD shoes are the best shoes ever

    • Lu

      Do u know where I can get them?

  • Kaydee

    Wtf $200!?!?

  • W_dubb