Nike KD7 PRM Aunt Pearl

The latest Nike KD 7 “Aunt Pearl” pays tribute to Kevin Durant’s late Aunt Pearl who passed away from lung cancer in 2000. To keep her memories and spirit alive, Nike Basketball and KD continue to release special edition Nike KD series inspired by Aunt Pearl.

Nike KD 7 Aunt Pearl – Colorway Details


The angelic inspiration for the shoe comes from from the angel tattoo that KD got on his back in memory of his aunt.

This Nike KD 7 is dressed in a mixture of White, Metallic Gold, Pink Pow and Pure Platinum color scheme. Featuring an all-Whtie Hyperposite base with Metallic Gold detailing on the KD logo on the tongue as well as the Nike Swoosh on the tongue. Pink Pow accents are seen on the Flywire cables and it looks to appear on the insole. The shoe sits atop a Pure Platinum outsole to finish off the look. But the main detail of the shoe is the unique designed angel wing strap is the first three-dimensional, sculpted strap by Nike Basketball, which has a special memorable wording for KD’s late Aunt Pearl. Also, the inside of the strap carries a message for Aunt Pearl and all those who fight to find a cure. And graphic floral designed inner tongue and a Kay Yow Cancer Fund logo on the back heel.

Nike KD 7 Aunt Pearl – Release Date

Check out the official photos below and look for the Nike KD 7 “Aunt Pearl” to release on Thursday, February 19th, 2015 at select Nike Basketball retailers. Retail price tag is set at $170 USD. The shoe will also come with matching KD7 “Aunt Pearl” apparel collection.

Proceeds from the shoe will go to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund that was founded in 2007 and an organization in which Nike is a founding partner.

Nike KD 7 PRM “Aunt Pearl”
White/Metallic Gold-Pink Pow-Pure Platinum
February 19, 2015

Nike KD7 PRM Aunt Pearl

Nike KD7 PRM Aunt Pearl

Nike KD7 PRM Aunt Pearl

Nike KD7 PRM Aunt Pearl

Nike KD7 PRM Aunt Pearl

Nike KD7 PRM Aunt Pearl

Nike KD7 PRM Aunt Pearl

  • Henry

    gotta get these haven’t missed a Aunt Pearl release yet

  • joey

    Don’t like them I think it’s that funny looking wing, reminds me of a Jeremy Scott shoe. I’ll pass!

    • BAE

      But you will cop tho I bet. Wait till the release comes closer, you’ll be all over these like it’s your girl with a Kim K ass.

    • Michigan

      I agree the wing strap does remind me a lot of a Jeremy Scott shoe. I guess the wings are suppose to resemble angel wings for his Aunt Pearl.

  • Richard

    these are probably the best looking KD7 to release all year and 2014

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    Just too girly for me…
    good cause, i understand..
    but white+pink+ Angel wing…

    • Kicks Giggles

      White is a girly color?

      • b thumper

        That pearl shitis. These are the gayer cousin to them adidas with the wings on em. KD, stop lettin them put your name on this shit

  • Phase23

    these are looking like a problem

  • Blimp

    Im going to need these as bad as I need to always pull out if you know what I’m saying.

  • Kicks Giggles

    That nike check kind of throwing me fuck i wanted these i thought it was a just a solid gold check

  • Brookelyn

    Kids sizes ???

    • hiiii

      i hope

  • jordan king

    Thsee are nice but they are girly

  • Ben
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  • vincent

    these are just to sexy

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    Lol these are ass! I’d grab to street ball in, hit the game winner, sign em, then leave em for the cat that was guarding me!

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  • JDLaw

    The wing strap is too fly and the inside of the tounge is too nice

  • cat627h

    Da main reason to cop is simple, to fund cancer research, Da disease is taking precious lives daily, stop hating da shoes n buy..

    • John

      Or you could just contribute to charity directly and not pay nike a good chunk.

  • Corey Worthy

    These are a nice clean shoe i will cop

  • hiiii

    these releasing in grade school?

    • Yosoleboricua

      I belive so all the preordering places taking gs sizes

      • KDsRArt

        Where can you pre-order?

    • Yes

      • Kristen

        Really? I saw only sizes 7-13.

        • I saw a picture on twitter and its said 130 for gs just go on google and type zsneaketheadz twitter click on it go through the images and you will get to it and it has a picture

          • Smooth

            Men size 7.5-15 Is $170 GS size 3.5-7 is $115 not $130

          • Oh ok i saw 130 remember is premium doe but thanks for the info

      • Alejandra

        Are these kds really coming out in grade school cause Im a size 5 and I want them real bad

        • I saw a picture on twitter and its said 130 for gs just go on google and type zsneaketheadz twitter click on it go through the images and you will get to it and it has a picture

  • Dogshit

    Why are kds so gay. His shoes belong on pre-school kids

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    • Big Papi

      Dude these are in honor of his aunt who died of cancer have more respect

  • Otf T

    Can’t wait to cop these!!

  • Cynthia Chine

    Do These Come Out In Preschool size ? , Please answer me ASAP if you know the answer.

    • Kristen

      No. 🙁 Only sizes 7-13.

      • LaMark Joseph

        Not true they have smaller sizes

    • jc


    • Kelly

      I called footlocker they said kids footlocker will and only select footlockers will have GS

      • Cynthia Chine

        Thank You!

    • LaMark Joseph

      yea at kids footlocker only

      • Cynthia Chine

        Is it going to be 75$ or 80$ ?

  • michael

    these are 170 right cus other places say 220

    • LaMark Joseph

      Yea $170 mens and $120 Gs

  • Alejandra

    I’m a size 5 are they coming out in grade school sizes please tell me because I’m looking forward in buying them .

    • LaMark Joseph

      Yeah kids footlocker i got mine size 7y raffle today

  • kds rock

    do they come out an a size 7 kids

    • LaMark Joseph

      Yea kids footlocker

  • Yahya Hussein

    Nike town seattle is closed for remodeling until the fall SMFH

  • kicksanalysis

    Are they releasing it to mexico?

  • Boiii

    Can these be ordered online in gs?

  • lovingme

    can these be pre-ordered? and is this website legit?

  • SneakerheadGS

    Where can you get some

  • Jordan

    what stoes will launch them today besides nike

  • Bri

    Could someone please tell me if these come out in preschool a size 7?

  • Bri

    I meant
    Could someone please tell me if these come out in preschool a size 3???

    • Jamm

      Yea. Kids footlocker is releasing

  • SneakerGuy

    Launch time?

  • judjdjdj

    6 in boys ??

  • Cooly7

    how much for GS sizes?

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    Where do I order

  • n.r.a.

    Where can i get that kd hat?

    • Chi Town

      thats what im waiting for as well i dont get why nike would release the matching hat way way way after release???? makes no sense and they do this crap all the time lol

  • Chris

    Got em!

  • skyy

    When will they be back in stock

    • Chris

      They won’t be restocked, sold out. You can buy them from resellers on eBay…

  • Errionna

    When do they come out agin ive beeing looking around for those and the pbj the purple white and gold ones . Im not allowed to get them if ebay or when they resell .

  • Chi Town

    any idea when the HAT IS COMING OUT/RELEASING???? i got two pairs of the kicks on release but want the damn hat nike!!! lmao i dont get why the hat comes out months and months later???

    • runningwolf1980

      ive been waiting on the same thing lol

      • Chi Town

        They are lackin not releasing the hats same day DAFUQ! lol

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