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Nike Inc. Settles Lawsuit with Wade Logo Point 3 Basketball

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When posting the new Jordan Fly Wade 2, we have been getting a lot of questions asking why isn’t the ‘Agent D-3‘ logo on the Fly Wade 2 ? The reason for this happening is that Nike Inc. settled a lawsuit with the Point 3 basketball logo which caused for the new logo seen on the Fly Wade 2. Not only does this angry many of people that loved the logo but it now throws the case that maybe they need to put their efforts more into all those other companies and brand who either rip off another companies logo by adding something or take off something. Or even the biggest issue in today’s Sneaker World which is FAKES, maybe they should put their time into tracking those companies and people to bring them down. We want to know what your thoughts are on this matter with now knowing the story behind Wade’s new logo. Always rock with Sneaker Bar for daily updates and news.

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Old Logo

New Logo

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