Nike Basketball 2015 Elite Collection

The Nike Basketball 2015 Elite Collection has been officially unveiled that included the Nike LeBron 12 Elite, Kobe 10 Elite, and KD 7 Elite silhouettes.


Three separate releases of the Nike Basketball 2015 Elite Series will debut as we approach the 2015 NBA Playoffs season.

The Nike Basketball Elite 2015 Team Collection releases on April 17th, followed by the Elevate Collection on May 15th, and the Rose Gold Collection on June 5th, 2015. Check out the full details of each release below and let us know which model you’re looking forward to picking up in the comments section.

Each Elite silhouette will include a raise in retail price. The KD7 Elite ($200), Kobe 10 Elite ($225), and the LeBron 12 Elite ($275).

Nike Basketball Team Collection – April 17th
Nike Basketball Elite 2015 Team Collection

Nike Basketball Elevate Collection – May 15th
Nike Basketball Elite Elevate Collection

Nike Basketball Rose Gold Collection – June 5th
Nike Basketball Elite Rose Gold Collection

  • ATL Hawks 2015 NBA Champions

    Oh nooooooo that’s bad that’s really bad somebody at nike needs to be fired

  • larryf’n

    I like the rose gold kobes, im good on everything else

  • Mr.mcfly

    I like the lebrons in May, but I can already see the price at 290 or higher

  • T$ .

    Ehh , not even worth the raised price points

  • timberland

    I like the Kobes a lot actually

  • roookie

    these gonna be a tough sell

  • machinegun526


  • highinfluence

    Lebrons look dope. The rose gold lobes are dope too

    • highinfluence

      Kobes *

  • CinCityBo

    KD won this battle although I do like them rose gold Kobe’s

  • hhh

    Im thinking they will go for between 275 and 350 per shoe……

    • dodoubleg

      They already have the prices listed

  • Coldworldnoblanket

    those Kobe’s are nice

  • A person

    What about the kyrie 1 elite?