Today at 1PM EST, Nike Store officially released the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” to the public. As expected, everyone jumped on the launch having the “Red October” Nike Air Yeezy 2 to sellout instantly. We want to know what you thought of this unexpected release and if you were able yo purchase the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” in the comments.


As a reminder, be on the look out all week as select stores will be restocking plenty of previous highly anticipated releases. Keep it locked to Sneaker Bar for more updates.

Nike Air Yeezy 2



  • Chandler

    Fuck no they sold out so quick

  • Timothy

    I opened every browser on every size and actually got lucky on one size 9 but I don’t wear that size I’m a size 10.5 so either looking for trade or BO

    • dom

      700 i got you with

      • Seth

        Your about to spend 700 on a pair of shoes u’ll probably wear a couple times. Come on bro don’t be that guy you’ll regret it!

      • A. Langston

        Maybe you are papered up. If so, cool. However, if not than this us no where worth it man. We have to be smarter as a people.

    • dom

      txt me 484 723 3438

    • Tomgunz84

      What’s yo number?


    Made Nike has me salty as fuck right now

  • FRSH

    Would had loved to have these but fuck it got my own red Octobers release in the retro 6s

  • dom

    I got the Ray Allen 11 PE, Size 9.5 and 10. Hit me up 484 723 3438

  • Nick

    Yes me and my mother got them!!!! Sizes 10.5 and 12 (:

    • Mavrick

      Your mom got sum big fucking feet !

    • Tomgunz84

      Trying to let that 10.5 go ?

    • AD

      Selling off the 12 bro?

    • AD

      What’s your offer for the 12?

  • Tomgunz84

    I ain’t gone lie i’m salty AF! But ima trade one pair of my 2k14 lebrons for em

    • kirk

      Hope you plan on adding cash.

      • Tomgunz84

        Why would i these lebrons are every bit as limited as them

        • kirk

          Just as limited doesn’t equate to same value.

          • Tomgunz84

            Trust me they going for the same prices

          • kirk

            It will be interesting no doubt. I don’t see these going for less than $2500 but I could be wrong. I copped but wouldn’t ever consider a even trade for the Lebron’s. The other limited LBJ 11’s haven’t held their value very well.

          • Tomgunz84

            No disrespect but you are wrong and just cuss you wouldn’t doesn’t mean somebody else wouldn’t ! But what are you talking about limited lebrons for example like the “championship pack” held their value still to this day

          • kirk

            You could be right that’s why I said it will be interesting to watch.

          • Tomgunz84

            I respect your prospective tho ; if you WERE trying to trade i probably would add some cash just because i don’t wanna wait on someone else lol

  • NodayzWithoutKicks

    I’m salty af right now. Didn’t even know about. Who got a size 13 for retail.

    • Donald

      I got lucky to cop a size 13. How much you offering?

      • AD

        What’s your price?

      • AD

        How much ur thinking to let em go bro?

  • Mavrick

    Got me two pairs , 8 and 10 !!!!! Yess ! and not bot needed !!

    • RK10

      You going to sell them? I’d be willing to purchase if we could reach an agreement on a good price.

  • Kobe24

    Nike dumb for that

  • Ozzyfresh

    Got a size 10 for sale check my Instagram for prof and make a decent offer and it’s yours IG OZZYFRESH

  • Some fuckery!!

  • Keene Paul

    Anybody got a Size 9 im not paying over 500

    • Curry

      are you high??

  • A. Langston

    The only reason shoes like this are popular is because they are limited. They look very much like Supras or some other shoes I’d never buy. The all red is cool but honestly, how many times can you wear these before people say, “There ____ goes wearing those Yeezys again.” And where I’m from how many times can you wear these before you get jacked? These are only worth retail to me.

    • peeps

      great point…..



  • Dust

    Looking for a size 9 and that real no fake.