Nike Air Max 90 Anniversary Cork Infrared Black White

Release Date Nike Air Max 90 Cork Infrared 2015


Release Date Nike Air Max 90 Cork Infrared 2015

Release Date Nike Air Max 90 Cork Infrared 2015

Release Date Nike Air Max 90 Cork Infrared 2015

Release Date Nike Air Max 90 Cork Infrared 2015

  • cocker

    these are going to be interesting

  • Weren’t these an option on NikeID a couple months ago?

    • trevor

      thats what I thought but i think this particular colorway wasn’t available

      • dizzle1119

        I don’t remember seeing cork as an option for the Air Max 90…but they had it on ID for the Spizike & Air Force 1.

  • Pieman Guapo


  • Where is to findInfrared Cork?

  • Jared Hughes

    need these

  • dizzle1119

    They’re killing it with the Air Max line lately. Had to hit ebay to get a pair of the initial Patch AM 1 releases (the triple black pair), so hopefully I can come up w/ the cork or red velvet AM 90 for retail. Sure hope so anyway, because I’m ROYALLY sick of those ebay prices. Nike’s gotta get a handle on this crap for good. It’s out of control.

  • Wiz Moh



    I want these, as soon as they come out!!!!

  • Davarieus Fox

    On my cop list

  • Nolan_Knows!

    These were on my list to pickup, until I seen pics of the cork material falling off. I might take the gamble, or just might scoop the Og’s releasing in the upcoming weeks.

  • Real Talk

    Dope shoe to look at but cheaply made. Not worth my money unless I wear them once every 5 months.

  • I’ve got the conundrum of selling or keeping mine, brand new, unworn after I saw pics today of the cork splitting and heard another mate of mine made a vid showing flaking and how cheaply made these are. The disappointment in nike quality continues SMH…

  • shaniyah

    must cop i need these on my feet #100

  • Mr. C

    Need these bad.


    Can someone tell me a place where I can buy these?

    • Using the internet which is free to everyone it’s not that hard to figure out who nike sportwear retailers are. There is also the angle of simply calling Nike or emailing them and asking for help. This has worked for so many people. Like I was just put onto the fact by a fellow sneaker lover that you can call any Nike outlet in America that has a hard to find or discounted shoe in stock and order directly from them.

      Before this I was under the impression you could only buy from an outlet by visiting them. Nothing could be further from the truth and my lunarfly 306’s are a testament to that and so is my friends IG feed. If you’re serious about these you’ll start your homework now. Barring money and responsibilities there’s no excuse in this day and age to create solid plans of attack to get a shoe you’re looking for.

    • Monte SunTzu Crisco
  • Jugg

    I need these shoes