After Penny Hardaway release the information that the Nike Air Foamposite One “White Out” will drop this year on an interview with MTV. Sneaker Heads instantly put a reminder in their calendars to make these a must cop. The Nike Air Foamposite One “White Out” are scheduled to drop in August with a price tag of $220. Stay tuned with Sneaker Bar for further release information to come.


Source: TCC

  • DefiningKicks

    These are truly the love of my life

  • Got1Question

    They are nice

  • PP

    These might be just the pairs I need

  • Cole

    Who the hell wants an all white pair of Penny’s? And for Penny to say these are his favorite was only to get ppl to buy more don’t believe that nig

    • i actually think these are super clean bro.throw on the white polo some light blue jeans and its a wrap . you might change your mind when you see them in person. but i can respect your opinon.

  • Versace

    Cop to impress

  • Will

    They ight, might have to agree with Cole a lil bit

    • Crow

      Depends on if u wud buy da columbia 11s

  • Tommie Gunz

    These Are Nasty I Wouldn’t Waste My Breath On These Smh

  • Eric

    These are a DEF COP.

  • definetly all over these

  • Tommie Gunz

    Yall Would Send Spend Over 200 Sum For A All White Pair Of Shoes ?
    That’s Stupid Smh Open Yall Eyes

  • JiG32

    IM ON IT !!!

  • Brianwardiphone

    classic , gonna cop

  • LGND1986


  • Leroy Harris0186

    Cocaine white gotz to have a pair….

  • these are not releasing i hope not cause their fugly AF

    • haha

      like your mother

  • big

    they sexy as shit

  • Christian

    what is the official release date of these? it says august but when cuz i NEEEEED these

  • mustangboy

    pass to much white for just $220

  • chris kicks

    these are ugly shit

    • Jumpman23

      These weak rather get the blackout foams

  • Holmes

    kinda wish the bottoms were white like the dr. dooms

  • derrick rose

    OH no what is wrong with penny he tryna bring out some all black ones now some all white ones smh…………………….. hype now a dayz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tyrek

    oh no

  • Kaki

    I can see why people don’t like them; but to me its just because they are all white. But its still a foamposite one. Style didn’t change, just the color. I wont be getting them because I don’t fancy all white sneakers. For those who do like all whites good for you. I do like them, but I wouldnt spend 220 on them.

    Whiteouts mean you made a mistake lol. When you fuck up on paper you gotta use whiteout right? And it looks shitty after. lol

    Blackouts > Whiteouts

    • Crow

      Tru. gud ref butt still crack at an all white party

  • Definite cop

  • nikkii ,

    shhhhit they haard .

  • kyle

    so when do these release

  • Jay

    Don’t know about the rest of you but these are absolute fire to me. Must cop.

  • im coppin.. lol

  • Foool ass brova

    if they left the toung and the laces black like all the other ones i wudd have gotten them but they will get dirty after ONE WEAR

  • Dwil8503

    Only all white Sneakers i want are those Columbia 11’s … this would be a resell cop for me.. because of the #HypeBeasts

  • Anubis

    If I have extra cash great! If not, no sweat.

  • These shits are Ugly as Fuck!!!

  • people would cop all white airs, all white ups and all white mikes but yall wouldnt cop a pair of all white foams? just the name foams alone should make u wanna cop then its all white at that these literally r once in a blue sneakers plus u always suppose to have a pair of all white somethin on deck so y not a pair of foams?

  • Mike

    i would cuz im 16 and got over 13 pair of foamposites one,, som i just collect tho and any any body kno the bigger your collection the more its worth 2x..

  • Drippen
  • DC all day

    Rock these to all white party just to be a asshole, cause I dropped a deuce quarter on these and a white Gucci belt. Give me three feet bitches!!!