Nike Air Foamposite One

Nike Foamposite One Gold


Nike Foamposite One Gold

Nike Foamposite One Gold

Nike Foamposite One Gold

Nike Foamposite One Gold

Nike Foamposite One Gold

Nike Foamposite One Gold

  • timothy

    these are actually sick as F…..

  • ryan hunter


  • Ty

    Hard been waiting for a gold pair!

  • Sneakray
  • hhh6

    Amazing when you go simple color schemes how nice the foams look. I guess nike got the damn message simple sells!!!!!!!!

  • jamaal coming up

    damn those would look great with my new orleans saints jersey. hopeful in 2015 they will be some good

    • 510kidd

      Lol Shit don’t hold ya breath Big Dawg. Y’all got as much as a chance of my bootsy ass Raiders being any good smdh

      • Tyrone

        Bitch, the Saints can still make the playoffs, your sorry ass Raiders can keep trading number 1 picks for washed up has beens. The Raiders have as much a chance to make the playoffs as you passing the third grade.

        • 510kidd

          Is you mad or you Hella mad. Whack ass saints. So I guess our chances are good cause Cleary I passed 20 yrs ago. Only thing yo gay ass team is good for. Is running yo momma. Cause they sure can’t run a ball. Bitch

        • Corey Worthy

          well guess what the saints are no where pussy

  • 510kidd

    Wish they did the gold like the flight posites back in the day. But im loving that there gettin back to the basics. & not treating a foam like a blank wall for graffiti

  • SwagBoy17

    Thats what im talking about! Just some simple colors. Copping these

  • Ty

    Simple and Nice.. Hope they don’t go back to them weak ass graphic foams

  • it is what it is

    my first pair of foams in a minute

  • GQ

    Heard copkickz was fake

  • ChiRaqGoofies

    I fucks Wit These Joints..Just when i thought NIKE killed foams wit those asteroids bullshits

    • Yahya Hussein

      Weathermans were way worse

  • $275?


  • RockawayBully

    Just want mirror foams for now but these ain’t bad just wish the had black bottoms and not the Icey blue bottom.

  • KingWhat

    This will be my first pair of foams.

  • 209-Cali

    Copper vs Gold ??? Which one would you pick

    • Copper

    • jordan king

      I will pick gold

    • Julian Joseph Magdaleno

      I’d pick gold- except they choked with that translucent blue outsole.

      Coppers hands down (the blue isn’t so distracting).

  • I gotta get these joints

  • Young’n From DaRock

    These drop on my Birthday, Must Cop !

    • UNO

      Happy Birthday my nigga

      • Young’n From DaRock

        Lol Appreciate it

  • Triple D

    I bet ur gonna cop these then have some birthday sex while wearing them

  • Brandon Tyson

    Need these, but these pictures need better lighting, they look like electrolime foamposites

    • Tomgunz84

      What ? Are You Color Blind lmao Those Most Def Don’t Look Like Those They Look Like The Coppers If Anything

      • Brandon Tyson

        The images on page 3 with the black background

        • Tomgunz84

          Nah Iont See It Fam

          • Brandon Tyson

            Well I mean 5 others did so I can’t be tripping

          • Tomgunz84

            Iont Know But It’s All Good Fam

  • the_peepa


  • That gold hue changes with every new set of pictures. The AJ Sole & CopKickz pics look the best in terms of what to actually expect.

  • julian cortes

    Where could we buy them at

    • Illest Sneakers Shameless plug

  • jordan king

    These are really nice

  • Goldmetallicfoamposites

    Damn I gotta get em there fresh as hell

  • jordan

    these or all stars cant decide

    • Tomgunz84

      They Both Pretty Much Ass Bro

  • RockawayBully

    These released today February 14 on just suddenly surprise release before the official release, you know how Nike does these releases at time SMH

    • MostDope


    • Tomgunz84

      Those Were For People Who Had Their New App

      • RockawayBully

        I know I have the app for my 6+

  • Highinfluence

    No one mentioning that generous price drop? Finally a dope ass color way and instead of 250 like the other trash color ways these are actually $230!

    • Q Z

      lmao, once you hit $200 $20 should not make a difference and if it does then maybe you need to reconsider buying the shoes to begin with and put that money towards more important things.
      You willing to pay $230, then whats $250 …. just saying

      • HighInfluence

        Lol money is money. Hitting a certain limit doesn’t make any more than that amount irrelevant. Coming from Nike, a price drop on a nice shoe versus one with shitty graphics is a nice change. The concept of the price drop is nice, the price is irrelevant, and so is your comment “QZ”. Though I chose to reply to it to inform you. Thanks for the input tho

        • ^

          Added, that even if the price were $250, these will still be mine. That extra $20 will just sit better in wallet versus Nike’s.

    • jasonara

      There is no price drop. The ugly ass graphic print foams are considered premium, and the print actually takes more effort to produce. It really has nothing to do with how nice the shoe looks.

  • romie

    Are they going to release in bham a

  • guest

    Even tho 230 including tax will be about 250, i still think 200 will be better for everyone. Even tho these gonna sell out. I hope not much ppl buy other weak foams so they will drop the price some more. Its been working lately..

  • Fresh

    Are these releasing n GS????? Anyone know

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Pretty sure they will. The usual size 4, 5, 6, 6.5 & 7 . Probably gunna be much harder to get

  • Wtf

    They look more like copper now in the pics with white background

  • Corey Worthy

    Good shoe get a half sixe bigger than thaey will be a cop

  • GOLD

    Just checked nike. Limited 1 per customer. Dang want these foams! The best pair yet! I am a 6.5, but will try to get a 7.5 just because the foams do run about a size small. Hopes for first foams yet! Liked the Mirror a bit, but those were too limited. These for $230? Heck I will get them. If I dont, I will just ask family for them because birthday is coming up soon. Thanks for new info!

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Not a fan of Foams in general but your the 5th person in GS size that says they run small. I thought it was more true to size

      • HighInfluence

        they run half size small. I wear 9.5-10 in foams but 9-9.5 in Js .

      • My TTS is 10.5 (in Jordans) but with most-to-all Nike’s, I half size up (Foams, Dunks, Maxs, Frees)

      • RockawayBully

        Everyone has different type of feet size in foams myself I go true to size but if u have wide feet go half a size up but foams fit tight for the first 3 wears but after the shoes molds to ur foot from the heat of your feet they will fit perfect

        • OG_KiCKS_NJ

          Thanks for the help, never got into foams myself tbh . But its nice to know if I ever decide to make that switch

          • RockawayBully

            Any time for a fellow OG shoe head,I only own one pair of foams now but years ago I had about only 7 pairs but got rid of them all,one they didn’t fit no more cause I grew in foot size n I wore the heck out of all of them and the break in time took to long not to bad but hurts wearing them for those first few days,and foams were much more cheaper when I was younger 32 now and back when I was 16 and 17 the only pair that sold well were the foam 1’s the blue pair which I had and I still got under retail people weren’t really hyped upped on shoes back then like they are now and am from ny as well the shoe game has really changed since then,what we OG guys call it lol,why some of the younger or newer sneaker head ask well no camp outs stores would hold your pair and sell early to you at retail or under retail and forget about buying used shoes it was extremely gross to even think of buying a pair which someone else wore n if you did do that it was extremely under retail

          • OG_KiCKS_NJ

            Yea I feel you on that, I’m 22 from NJ . I remember having a few OG’s as a baby. I remember having the OG Fire Red 5’s & some OG 3’s. Not sure which but the whole sneaker community has definitely changed. I remember being able to walk in months later & still finding a random retro. CDP 5’s sat in my mall for about 7-8 months. I remember finally saving up to buy them as remembering back in the day watching Fresh Prince he always had a pair of 5’s on. The way things are now I just either pay to get them early if I absolutely want them which I only did twice last year or do a raffle if I’m feeling it & if I don’t get called then oh well, wasn’t meant to be. I have had about over 450+ pairs & slowly just got rid of things. It wasn’t about profits back then, I can just imagine now selling those same sneakers & having people all over them with thirst. As of now I just buy 1’s since they’re soo comfy & slept on & cop pairs from 2012 & older.

  • b thumper

    Most over hyped, over priced, over rated shoe. Period. I dont give a damn what color way they come out with, all of em are terrible. And that sole looks like shit against that supposed gold. Get it together nike.

  • RetroKid823

    What’s resell looking like on these ? Cause them Mirror Foams were going for like $700+

  • Mr.mcfly

    They just trying to hype these even more

  • hhh

    This along with last weeks launch of the Jordan 7 Marvin shortage are all due to strike or slow down with the shipping docks of California. This is why I believe there will be a major restock once these products reach various warehouses with Nike.

  • 510kidd

    Coppers murdered these. Fuckin kaki foams more like it smh

  • They not even doing a raffle for these out here its fcfs like it should be early bird gets the worm….

  • jjamesonthekid

    Yes LAWD! Had to pay my phone bill and I was just going to settle for the 10s but fuck that I’m getting these!!

  • travelle brown

    will this be an easy cop or what ?

  • travelle brown

    and y did the release date change wtf

  • This is the 3rd release date we’ve seen in the past week! …Nike is having mood swings

  • BruhMan

    on a friday, i’m at work!! hoe ass nike strikes again

  • Ktownva

    I’m in Germany and these drop today, March 14th. I went to foot locker yesterday and the girl let me see a pair early. They look like doo doo. They are not even shiny or metallic. More like a weak matte gold paint. My Concorde foams are 10x more glossy. Don’t drop your dough online before seeing these in person!! Easy pass for me.

  • jjamesonthekid

    Fuck! How you gone push em back up?! Im not paying any crazy reseller prices.

  • common cents

    the posit material in every picture i’ve seen so far clearly shows them as matte gold so why is anyone tight over seeing them and them being having a matte finish

  • Joesway

    Just based on the images, I’m not getting the wow appeal I expected from the Gold Foams(similar to the metallic). They’re definitely going to sell out, but for what you’re getting, it doesn’t seem worth it.

  • Ryan

    I agree

  • Jordan Jackson

    why would they release on a friday @9am… people got work and school to go to. why they keep changin the release date of this shoe anyway

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Its mainly done because many things drop on Saturday so I guess to avoid a bunch of problems that may arise. However I prefer this whole release thing during the weekdays. Gives different people a chance to get a pair

    • FuckResellers

      to give other people a chance. I’m glad they’re doing it this way.

  • Dee

    I hope they restock missed my chance. .should of dropped on Thursday like the last ones

  • king

    I’m thinking about spraying my gold foams with clear coat i wonder if it will add a lot of gloss

  • Ja$0N

    I got sizes 10 and 11.5 if your interested

    • Morgan William

      Know anyone with a size 7 by chance ?

  • Morgan William

    anybody have a size 7?

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