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Nike Air Foamposite One “Hattori Hanzo” Custom

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“I can say with no ego that this is my finest sword” ….. “If on your journey you should encounter GOD, GOD will be cut” two timeless quotes from the “Man from Okinawa” in the Quentin Tarrantino cult classic “Kill Bill Vol. 1”.

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Sword-smith Hattori Hanzo had vowed before GOD to never make anything that would kill ever again, but for the Bride’s mission of hunting down the merciless Bill, Hattori Hanzo breaks his vow to forge the “Black Mamba” her “Lion Sword” to rival Bill’s “Demon Sword” Bill’s tool that likely caused Hanzo to make his original vow.

This Nike Air Foamposite One Custom embodies this story through its color way and hand painted graphics. The overall yellow and black channels Beatrix Kiddo’s suit (inspired by Bruce Lee’s track suit from Game of Death) while the white is a nod to the bloodied bride Bill’s assassins left for dead. A black sole honors Chef of GourmetKickz original Kill Bill KD4 as do the huge bloody slashes along the inboard and outboard sides of the foam uppers. Ornate Kanji appears on all sides of the foam reading: Okinawa, Demon Samurai Sword, God Will Be Cut, Kill Bill, and Hattori Hanzo. The graphics include a silhouette of the Hanzo Steel wielding bride, a Hanzo Sword dragon logo, Komainu (Japanese Lion-Dog statue) line art and the “Demon Sword” logo. The insoles are further customized with Kanji and the heel badges bare the logos from the “Black Mamba Lion Sword” (Hanzo’s final creation).

This shoe will be available in highly limited numbers, info can be found on www.af1king.com.

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