Gone Fishing Nike Air Foamposite One Release

Gone Fishing Nike Air Foamposite One


Gone Fishing Nike Air Foamposite One

Gone Fishing Nike Air Foamposite One

Gone Fishing Nike Air Foamposite One

Gone Fishing Nike Air Foamposite One

Gone Fishing Nike Air Foamposite One

Gone Fishing Nike Air Foamposite One

Gone Fishing Nike Foamposite

Source: UBIQ

  • Tomgunz84

    These Are Kinda NICE

  • Dogshit

    Bet these will resell for 19mil like the paranormans smh

  • 510kidd

    Fish Scales!!! Or Merman’s

    • speedy

      Merman’s lol funny but i can see why though

  • kikzscreamn86

    Ok look nice but want to see better pictures rainbow trout foamposite


    Mermaid man and barnacle boy foamposites

    • quincyhoward11

      To the invisible boat Mobile!

    • Guest

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  • ⛽️

    These bitches smackin

  • grunge_donut

    There’s something about these foams that it hitting the right spot. Really interesting pair.

  • Washington

    I want now man please

  • Swooshman

    There’s something fishy about this foams, but i have a feeling i’ll try to get my hands on it and hopefuly own one

    • Breal

      Corny AF…..

      • Cereal

        I eat corn dogs niggga?

  • dogshit

    Ya they’re fire

  • Woooooo that fishscale!!

  • HB_gotkicks

    i like fish scales . . . . must cop

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    • 12345

      Go get your high school diploma -_-

    • #a_lotta-kickz

      Lol!! I agree.. These kickz are FLAME CITY

  • Spice

    Can’t figure out what spice girl i want to pregnant

  • SirFuck YaMotha

    They okay but I feel that these the shoes that you get and then never have nothing to wear them with and you just have them just to put them on the shelve or keep them in the shoe box just to say you have them

    • Dvpe kicks


  • T$ .

    They are cool but , gonna be hard as hell to get Im sure

  • InMy02’s

    I hate Nike, I love em but I vow to never go outside the OG colorway with foam, I’m lying I got the stealth foam but that made the cut, thanks for the pearl though

    • travelle brown

      yes stealth foams heat

  • #a_lotta-kickz

    These Joints are FLAME CITY

  • stevezy


  • dizzle1119

    By the time the Gone Fishin’ pair drops, they will be the 3rd or 4th impossible to cop Foamposite release in something like 9 to 10 months. Nike has FINALLY started to drop some hot Foamposites on a regular basis, after several years of having the average foamposite release fall somewhere between “hot garbage” and “meh”. It’s awesome to see these bad ass Foamposites coming around….but now Nike needs to let the average fan get a pair without having to call in a half dozen favors or drop a stack on ebay.

    One of the following things has gotta happen SOON!

    (A). Have a couple QS Foamposite releases for Nike ID every year. They don’t have to leave the shoes on Nike ID constantly. Just give us a week with the One and a week with the Pro….annually. If this occured, MANY would be more than happy to drop $300-$400 for a pair of made to order Foamposites.

    (B). Have the Foamposite shoe/s release somewhat like the Jordan XI, except do it around the NBA All Star Weekend as opposed to the holiday season. Cutting out the “exclusive” Foams altogether and simply releasing 1-3 CW’s every year at some point around the NBA All Star Weekend. It works for the Jordan XI….BIG TIME! They can literally produce 200,000 pairs and charge almost any price and STILL have folks lining up around the block.

    (C). Drop one of the flashy themed CWs, or a popular retro CW, as a MAJOR general release once in a while so the average guy can get a pair of hot foamposites for retail….or a few bucks extra on ebay. This is what Jordan Brand is doing with the majority of it’s retro releases as of now, and I highly doubt sales figures have slumped at all. The “remastered” Jordan retros seem to be produced in abundant quantities, and so far most if not all have sold incredbily well. Sure, there are a handful of French Blue VII’s or Laser I’s sitting in a store here and there, but online sales are still flourishing and the majority of the colorways are still selling incredibly well in stores in spite of the price hike.

    That’s three solid, doable options for the Foamposite right there…..and most of us would be happy with any one. Sure, there are the guys who like to spend $1,200 on a shoe just so they can feel special by being the only person they know to own a pair, but that’s not the average guy. That’s the elitist collector….and most folks like that don’t even wear the shoes in the first place. Hell, I often wonder if many of those guys even LIKE sneakers. Sometimes it feels more like they see this is a hobby and they feel their old sneaker collection will buy them a home some day. For a few, that will happen…but for most, they’ll only end up with a huge collection of unwearable shoes.

    It’d be awesome if the overwhelming majority felt the same…because as consumers we do have a LOT of power if we stick together in great numbers. If the community would come in, as a whole, and boycott this never ending string of impossible to cop releases….they’d become fewer & further between in a hurry. Sure, there’s a place for the “exclusive release”…but it should be the exception rather than the norm. Nike could have made enough chromeposites for all of us, and they would have sold 200,000 pairs at $250-$300 a pop…but they choose to keep folks “thirsty” instead. Why? I don’t know. If it was my company, I’d be more interested in making more profit rather than pandering to a niche market that wants to feel special because they are willing to overpay for a sneaker every weekend.

    That’s my two cents…plus ten bucks.

    • dizzle1119

      I meant to say “It seems as if they see this more as an INVESTMENT” rather than a “hobby” when I was referring to elitist collectors.

      …and no, I don’t think EVERY guy who’s willing to spend big money on a shoe does so in order to profit at some point in the future. I’m only saying that it surely seems as if that’s what a LOT of these guys are planning to do. Not all. Not even most. A LOT!

      • Tomgunz84

        It Sounds Like a Good Idea

      • OG_KiCKS_NJ

        You really should find a way to send this to Nike/Jordan/ whatever brands your into. They need to straighten up. I wrote them once by mail & internet & of course probably just ignored the shit completely

        • SWOOSH

          I back it!

    • jjamesonthekid

      Seems like you put a lot of time and energy in this comment. Instead of leaving it on a sneaker news website, you should send it to Nike Sportswear.

    • Public Enemy

      damn bro thanks that was a good read

    • SneakerBar

      Great comment and I think it’s a great idea. I used your comment and turned it into a post hoping it would reach a wider audience so people can hear what you have to say on a better release system.

      • dizzle1119

        Thanks, man. Much appreciated…

    • b thumper

      Well said, but one of the reasons they wont is because most people will settle with another style of the same sneaker when they dont get what they want. Also allows them to keep hiking up the price. Your right we do have the power but american consumers or consumers period have no concern for others as long as we get what we want when we want it. Its crazy when you break it down, but thats what drives capitalism. In any case it was a nicely voiced thought even though i dont care for foams at all.

    • Uncle Jordan

      Thanks for type that long but…….who care?

  • A

    Well they gave us enough pics lol .. wish there could be more pairs

  • Tomgunz84

    Gonna See If I Can Get My Hands On Them

    • A

      Do u have a guy ? .. i really want these i already missed on those mirrors

      • screwface

        ask yourself why u miss out on the chromes lol

  • blowfish

    You guys can hate all you want…cant wait to have these

  • lucario529

    he has a pair of reps on

  • q z

    Nice dainty toe point lmao

  • ShoeEtiquette

    I dont know who at TNT sports came up with the phrase “Going Fishing” win a team gets knocked out the NBA playoffs but i know they should’ve patented it and got paid from nike greedy ass cus im pretty sure thats where nike got it from. As far as the shoe they foams

    • MC GUSTO

      Kenny Smith

      • King Prodigy

        nike releasing these with this name, unlikely. this is the nickname for everyone


    i thought they would shine more than this

  • They look clean af I hope I’m able to cop a pair idk with all these damn hypebeast now days

    • swaggyd_25

      cant get shit nowadays with ease
      either miss out or pay resell bs

      • face

        I know I used to ditch school back in the days go to foot locker get the J’s and go back smh can’t do it no more

  • hhh

    Man they always look good when they are Photoshop but as I look at them I just wonder how the scales will hold up. I kind of think they will scuff real easy….. None the less they are different and will sell out just not my cup of tea.

  • vladimir grey

    clean shoe.. hope i can cop!

  • Eli

    Where will these be releasing ??

    • Zirizz

      Nike Retailers bro

  • Sneakerguidekeepit#

    day before my birthday!!! These are a must cop

  • screwface

    all suckaz ass youngins probably don’t remember the go fishing commercials… if you don’t think these hard, I have to ask where you at in life…. expect these to resell for stack or better

  • Walter Raynor

    these pics are way better then the first version of them. i kind of like

  • Corey Worthy

    These are terrible


    Really like these. They are a lil over the top but not an eyesore. Will definitely cop this CW

  • screwface

    Have these on joints onpre-order

  • Nito

    Are they releasing in House of Hoops?

  • dizzle1119

    Thanks for yet another pair of shoes nobody will have, Nike. I’m done w/ this brand. From this day forward, if I buy a Nike shoe, it’ll be an ID.

    • Lodidodida

      You should’ve been out the game then. Try harder lil one

    • j

      i have them if you want them, size 11

  • face

    8k pair really Nike smfh

  • Yahya Hussein

    Hype killed the sneaker game

  • Jacob

    Will these be reasleing on Nike.com and the snkrs app?

  • j

    if you guys want them i have them for sale now size 11

    • RedEyez

      I have them in a size 10. I need an 11 tho

  • dizzle1119

    Everyone can “plan” to cop these…but only 1 outta every 2,000 or so will get them.

    • fawkumean

      nigga shut ya ass yo ahh aint gettin em for retail either big

      • fawkumean


  • XxSoleCleanerxX

    Second coming of the Galaxy foam these will resell for at least 3k the
    AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE YOTS QS “TIANJIN” is already going for 3k on flight flub as well.

  • MercyProd

    How can you find out if these are limited?

    • Jacob

      These originally were 8k pairs produced but then it came out not as limited as thought these will be limited but not crazy limited

  • Earvin Johnson

    Got my raffle ticket. I will be picking these up on the 20th.

  • Kyle

    will these be on Nike

  • Kyle

    some type of website you guys

  • Ben B

    just use damn bots. i cop every release i want with bots.

    • face

      I need a bot then which 1 you use

  • sara0505


  • sara0505

    Solecool App

  • Brian

    I dont know witch ones to get, the champagne 7s or These foamposites.

  • Hutch 19D

    I had to go to City Gear to get my Gone Fishings… Every store was ticket only

  • Turffeinz Mann Williams

    I walked into the mall on a fluke and got mines yesterday