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Nickelodeon X Super Heroic TMBLR v2.0

This weekend, Nickelodeon and Super Heroic are teaming up to release two new colorways of the TMBLR v2.0 shoe inspired by a staple of 1990s children’s television. SLIME!!! More specifically, Nickelodeon Slime.

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Having spent most of my childhood in the 90s, I vividly remember watching shows like Nickelodeon’s “What Would You Do?” and “Double Dare” with my family. A highlight of those shows–and pretty much the entire channel itself–was the over abundance of individuals getting completely doused in gratuitous amounts of slime. Now, as a father, I get to see the resurgence of slime making a comeback in my daughter’s generation.

AND, as a father, I get to clean up the slime my daughter leaves around the house. Thanks to YouTube, my daughter–and other children with access to household chemicals–has found out how to make slime themselves. Apparently there are videos on YouTube detailing how to make your own slime, but no videos on how to clean up your own mess. So the frugality of my daughter’s attempts at DIY is offset by the time, and patience, of having to clean up her experiments.

BUT, when I think about it, I may complain now, but I’ll miss the moments when they’re gone. (Notice how this post quickly went from product promotion, to nostalgic reflection, to theraputic venting in a matter of a few sentences. But I digress……)

The two new colorways of the Super Heroic TMBLR v2.0–the “Nickelodeon Glitch” and the “Nickelodeon Light Speed”–are inspired by the iconic green and pink slime you’d see on Nickelodeon programming during the 90s. To kick off this release, the shoes will debut at this year’s Nickelodeon SlimeFest in Chicago, where there will be a Slime Maze hosted by Super Heroic.

Both colorways of the Nickelodeon X Super Heroic TMBLR v2.0 will be available Saturday, June 8th, exclusively in-store at Kids Foot Locker, and online at and Both shoes come in a size run of 12C to 7Y and will retail for $69 each.

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