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Michigan Sneaker XChange January 2016

Michigan’s biggest sneaker event, sneaker show, sneaker group, sneaker clique, sneaker posse, sneaker gang, and some might say sneaker family, Michigan Sneaker XChange, is throwing another show together this month, Saturday, January 30th at Cobo Hall located at 1 Washington Blvd. in downtown Detroit, MI. They’ve been called the “Sneaker Con” of the Midwest…ok, no they haven’t. I just made that part up. But if there were a such thing as the “Sneaker Con of the Midwest”, it would be them. Not that they need the comparison, but you know…I…ummm. You know what? Let’s get back to the event.

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Michigan Sneaker XChange’s event will go from noon to 6pm, January 30th, in Ballroom 410 at Cobo Hall. The event is sponsored by a who’s who of businesses involved in the Detroit sneaker community. Businesses like: Loose Cannon Clothing Brand, MOTIVATION, Burn Rubber, English Sole, NoJo Kicks, and of course yours truly, Sneaker Bar Detroit.

You can purchase your tickets early or, if you’re a vendor, you can purchase your table at, just look for Michigan Sneaker XChange. If you are vendor, they ask that you arrive early from 10-10:30am to set up your tables. All vendors MUST be checked-in by 11:30am. For those of you who were too cheap to buy a table and thought you were going to show up with a wagon full of shoes to walk around and sell, think again. If you had thought and worked that hard in high school as you are to find a loophole to sell your shoes without buying a table at this event, you wouldn’t need flip shoes to make money in the first place. Without the purchase of a table you can bring up to two (that’s 2 m*[email protected]#ck$rs) shoes, for free, into the event to trade or sell. After the initial 2 pairs, you can bring up to 3 more shoes for $2 each to sell or trade. So let’s summarize, everyone who attends this event without buying a vendor table is allowed to bring up to 5 pairs of shoes, to sell or trade, for $6 extra. Also, you are NOT allowed to set up on the floor. In order to be fair to their vendors, Michigan Sneaker XChange asks that everyone keep it moving while trying to sell or trade.

Once again, the Michigan Sneaker XChange event will be held on Saturday, January 30th, from noon to 6pm at Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI. To purchase your table or tickets, head on over to If after reading this post you still have questions, or need more information, you can email MSXC at [email protected] You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @MichiganSneakerXChange. Detroit v. Everybody.


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