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Miami’s Big 3 = NBA 2012 Championship?

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There is a lot of NBA talk since we heard that the NBA will start back up on Christmas Day. One of the things Is whether or not Miami’s big 3 can take the Heat to the promise land. We all heard LeBron say “not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven”. Well, NBA fans are still waiting to see one.

With all the haters, negativity, chemistry problems, and coaching issues, Miami’s big 3 were able to take the Heat to the NBA finals last year. As last season progressed, the Heat continually improved.

This past summer appears to have been a big one for D Wade, LeBron and Bosh. A couple photos and videos have popped up showing them putting in that extra work to achieve greatness. What do you guys think of Miami’s big 3? Do you think they will win a title this year? Make sure you leave your responses below in the comment section. Always rock with Sneaker Bar Detroit for the latest news and updates.

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