HOUSTON – A robbery involving the new Air Jordan 11 “Bred” ended with a man shot in the head and a car crashed next to a house in northwest Harris County, deputies said.


It happened around 10:30 a.m. Friday in the 1700 block of Plumwood Drive.
Investigators said two men went to Willowbrook Mall to buy several pairs of Air Jordan 11s then headed home. As the driver pulled up to the front of his home, another vehicle pulled up in front of his car. Then an armed person got out the car and demanded the new shoes.

The driver took off running on foot, leaving his passenger behind in the car, as the thief followed him firing shots, deputies said. As the driver knocked on a neighbor’s door for help, he heard another person firing shots at his passenger. The passenger was able to get behind the wheel to escape, but he was shot in the head and ended up crashing in between two houses, hitting a gas line.

He was taken to Houston Northwest Hospital with life-threatening injuries. The driver was not hurt.So many shots were fired that bullet casings littered the street.

“It’s completely idiotic. I don’t understand the rationale of it,” said Robert Miller, a neighbor. “This kid bought his tennis shoes; you could do the same thing, instead of taking a life, or attempting to take a life behind a pair of tennis shoes. It’s just senseless nonsense violence.”

The suspects got away, leaving a shopping bag with tennis shoes inside sitting on the sidewalk.

It took two hours for Centerpoint Energy to shut off the gas.
Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

Source: KHOU/NK

  • SH

    whats wrong with people today

  • Terry

    185$ for a life thats a damn shame

  • Jamison J. Jordan

    this will never end it will only get worst when will ever learn a lesson here!!!! JB should punish us and stop making shoes period for a year and only sell them to the UK

    • Gaboystr8

      I will admit people are stupid, but JB can easily prevent it by making enough for everyone. These will sellout regardless of how limited they are.

  • Ronnie

    this is so sad, someones hard earn money and life over J’s

  • kenny curry

    WOW, another death

  • ernie

    it’s us that is doing this it’s us that is causing this it’s us to blame we are the reason this happens when will we all get a long and just let us be

  • Divine Iron-man

    Condolences to the victim’s family, R.I.P

  • Kicks 101

    they re-stocking anyway…..

    • that is soo fucking inconsiderate as if thats what the article is about.. dismiss yo self.. its stupid to get shot over shoes..


  • serg252001

    So sad

  • DresdheadnikeXMike

    Jordan keeps seeing this happening and doesn’t do a thing about it, I. Think he likes this shit .because he never does shit about it . They should just make it wear everybody can get a pair i mean damn y’all are making all this money. Rip

  • this is only the start if you live in a high crime area and you know you aint got protection be very carefull dont flaunt your shit or brag cause the ones whom cant afford to, get really mad with rage

  • so damn immorals yo seriously this just a shame


    Errm everyone’s saying R.I.P but he’s not dead yet yo! hopefully he’ll pull through, fucking annoying how they be calling jays tennis shoes though!

    • lmaoo i like yo name son


        Well you should do . you fake ass nigga, your shit be as fake as yo daddies new post op vagina son!

        • huh, nigga are you in first grade, i cant understand shit you said. you just mad so you named yoself after me, shit is real gay

  • Im bout done with this bull shit, i got into the shoe game for the fun and thrill of it, for the meaning of the shoe, the history behind it. not to be scared to go to the mall ecause im in risk of my life, this shit has to stop, JB should release some shitty ass quality shoes for 2013 and make em super gr so there wont be any hype for em

  • Gaboystr8

    As a sneakerhead I’m ashamed of this. This is why I didn’t bother copping these holiday season because I know what they represent now IGNORANCE,RATCHETNESS ETC….. You all know it’s true. If everyone already knows someone will get hurt as soon as images get posted someone should do something. PRE ORDER JB AND THE SELLER AND CONSUMER BOTH WIN AND KEEP HYPEBEASTS AT BAY. Ask the Call of Duty franchise everyone cops… Everyone’s happy.

  • Maybe jordan will catch on and start making enough pairs so this doesnt happean and start restocking faster

    • nah because if they make to many everyone will have them

    • yea these are set to restack in a week or so, so are the crimson foams

    • its not jordan..its nike… bitch at nike…nike makes most of the money..jordan only gets a percentage

  • Smh, all that over sum fuckin shoes, it ain’t worth it