Macklemore Air Jordan Shopping

Seattle rapper Macklemore is known to be heavily involved in the sneaker game, and he recently went sneaker shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma at Seattle’s Recess.


Maclemore was able to design two Air Jordan 6 colorways, which he recalls the conversation he had when he told/shown Michael Jordan his two pairs.

Macklemore Air Jordan Shopping

Mack said, “I have to pairs, I got the Green and the Clays. Mike responded, ” I don’t like Green. Fuck Green. It reminds me of some Christmas shit, no one’s trying to wear some Christmas shoes.”

But that brutal comment didn’t stop Macklemore from having the Green pairs made, along with the Clays.

Check out the full sneaker shopping video below and watch him even discuss how the Macklemore x Air Jordan 6 PE collaboration happen. Also, peep out what he ends up picking.

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