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Let’s Talk: Reebok The Question

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The Questions were Reebok’s most iconic and loved basketball Sneaker of all time not only for who’s signature Sneaker they were Allen Iverson, but for its one of a kind look and the comfort and how durable they were. They featured a multi-panel leather upper with the most remember-able trait of the honeycomb windows on the midsole. The honeycomb was a new technology for Reebok to absorb the shock of jumping and having a durable cushioning when landing, which would help you reach your full potential on the court. Also seen on these were the nylon mesh tongue along with the six lace eyelets down the Sneaker that spelled out Reebok.

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Back in Iverson’s rookie season, he made these seen and notice around the world which maybe help these Sneakers to be what they are today, when he was match up one-on-one with Michael Jordan and busted his signature crossover and got Mike to bite hard. (Video Below)

Allen Iverson Crossover MJ

Still till this day Reebok The Question are a tough pair of Sneakers to get and if you remember when Iverson made his come back, back to Philly they re-released these and they went faster than Usain Bolt. Whenever we think of some of the classic Sneakers to every hit stores, the streets whatever, these are always in our top 5 Sneakers of All-Time. Let us know where these rank among you All-Time Sneakers? Always rock with Sneaker Bar for daily updates and news.

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