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LeBron James ‘Sneaker Recap’ & Look of LBJ 9

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Here is a closer look of the Nike LeBron 9 and a little recap on LeBron Jame’s life and growth as a man and icon on the basketball court.

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A sportsman is a person who participates in sports. This is just one of many words that describe LeBron James. LeBron was born December 30,1984 in Akron, Ohio to the then sixteen year old Gloria James. He started playing basketball at three years of age , and became a basketball phenom and icon in his short but eventful high school career. After his basketball days at St. Vincent – St. Mary’s High School, a small school not far from Akron, he went straight to the NBA and has begun an prestigious career. The Rise of a Star LeBron James by David Lee Morgan was an outstanding book explaining the rapid but exhilarating life of LeBron James. This is about a twenty year old who has overcome many different challenges in his life to become an instant superstar in the NBA at a very young age. Throughout his life LeBron has shown determination in everything he has done. Everything ranges from his sports, academics, and even just helping people in his community. While growing up in Akron, located less than an hour south of Cleveland, LeBron showed an instinct to play basketball at an early age. During his senior year in high school he stayed highly motivated and driven to play his best even though a lot of controversy came his way. While a controversy over a Hummer he got from his mom was happening during one of the games he scored fifty points and was 19 of 25 on his field goals. In his first game back from being suspended for accepting two jerseys, worth a total of $845, he scored a school-record and career high 52 points. These are just a few out of many more ways that LeBron shows determination when he plays basketball.

One of LeBron’s major attributes is that he is mature beyond his age in both his looks and decision making. While growing up in Akron he always made the right decisions in everything he did. For example, he always did what his mom told him to do when she wanted him to do it. Also there were a lot of violence and drug problems in the area. He chose not to get involved in that stuff because he knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. Also he knew the consequences that he would have to suffer if he were to get involved in that negative activity. As he grew up he always looked like he was older than he really was. As an eighth grader he was head and shoulders above his classmates at a height of six feet. He had facial features of a sophomore in high school, when really he was still in middle school. Also between his sophomore and junior years in high school he grew to an amazing height of six feet, seven inches. Making the decisions he made while he was a child eventually helped him to be a better person in life.

At 18, Lebron James signed a $90 million contract with Nike to be the exclusive outfitter of his footwear and clothing needs for 7 years. This was the largest shoe deal ever made. The first Lebron James shoes were released only months after the deal was made, Nike Air Zoom Generation. The Lebron James shoes deal was worth much more money than the one Nike made with Michael Jordan. Jordan received only a 5 year, $2.5 million dollar contract. Lebron James earned more than 25 times more per year with his sneaker deal than Jordan did with his Lebron James shoes!Nike has released 3 models of the Air Zoom Lebron series so far as well as many exclusive Lebron Air Force Ones and a few special edition Lebron James Dunks SB. There was also the LeBron James 8 south beach edition are our favorite so far.

LeBron James is a very talented twenty year old who is determined, skillful, and mature for his age. He has overcome many challenges and differences in his life to become one of the best basketball players who ever lived. LeBron James, has overcome many different challenges in his life to become an instant superstar in the NBA at a very young age. I highly recommend this book for others to read, especially if they want to learn more about this gifted twenty year old, LeBron James.

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