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LeBron James’ Next Step, Learn From Michael Jordan

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Lets start of first by saying, Michael Jordan will always be the games’ greatest player. However, with LeBron James entering the season with hopes of earning his third ring, it might be time he sits down with MJ and starts taking some notes.

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For those that know Michael Jordan, they also understand his competitiveness. For Michael to possibly give LeBron James advice to elevate his game to the next level, might be the King’s next step to greatness.

We all know the controversy this will cause, but let’s be honest here – LBJ needs MJ. He even admits it in the upcoming ESPN Magazine. On Michael Jordan, LeBron went to say, “MJ wasn’t perfect. MJ had bad games. He had turnovers. He had games where he felt like he should’ve been better,” James said. “But I think the greatest thing about MJ was that he never was afraid to fail. And I think that’s why he succeeded so much — because he was never afraid of what anybody ever said about him. Never afraid to miss the game-winning shot, never afraid to turn the ball over. Never afraid.”

Michael Jordan and LeBron James have never sat down to really talk about basketball for some odd reason. MJ could help LeBron in so many ways not just skills wise, but most certainly on becoming wiser on the court and how to handle pressure situations.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below and is it time for Mike to help elevate LeBron James’ game to become what MJ is, “Greatness.”

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