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Kobe plays Bow Wow 1 on1 for $1000

As we all heard about the $1000 bet Bow Wow put up against Kobe Bryant, that he could beat Kobe 1 on 1. After Kobe dominated the first game, Bow Wow than insisted that Kobe can only shoot the next game and that’s when he puts his money where his mouth is. Below we bring you the video that shows Kobe vs Bow Wow 1 on 1 for $1000. After switching the rules up to the second game that still didn’t stop Kobe from winning the easiest $1000 ever, but due to Kobe being the guy that he is he gave the money to everyone that participated in his camp, which he held before playing Bow Wow. You will also see Kobe rocking his signature Sneakers the Kobe 6 POP “Del Sol” and Bow Wow in the beginning bust out the Kobe 6 Blue/White. Check out the video below and the pics of the Kobe’s that were worn and let us know what you think. Always rock with Sneaker Bar for daily updates and news.

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Kobe 6 POP “Del Sol”, Kobe Wore

Kobe 6 Blue/White, Bow Wow Wore

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