Kobe Bryant Passes Michael Jordan in Scoring

Kobe Bryant has officially passed his idol, Michael Jordan as third on the NBA’s all-time scoring list – now moving MJ to fourth that came from a free-throw. That now has the Black Mamba behind Karl Malone (36,928) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387).


The Minnesota Timberwolves honored Bryant with a video tribute for a nice gesture to Kobe passing MJ.

As a reminder to becoming third all-time in scoring, Nike Basketball has plans to release a special edition Nike Kobe 9 shoe – which will be a QS NIKEiD design.

Let us know where you rank Kobe Bryant amongst the greats that ever played in the NBA in the comments section.

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NIKEiD Kobe 9 Elite Low Scoring


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Minnesota Timberwolves

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Minnesota Timberwolves

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Minnesota Timberwolves

Source: USA Today Sports

  • J Rock

    I’m happy for him but let’s not forget kobe has 4 seasons on Jordan and is just now passing him.

    • ShoeEtiquette

      That just shows everybody how superior and prolific MJ was as a scorer

    • memphis tn

      Yeah sure you are. Haters gonna hate it seems

      • J Rock


  • KB08

    Kobe > Jordan

    • mike p

      stfu u stupid ass dumb fuckin bitch

      • KB24

        Opinions everybody has them.
        Kobe > Jordan overall in personality and style

  • Ricky

    Congrats to kobe but he still not in the top 5?nba players of all time tho

  • Shadow of MJ

    Would have been epic if he had closed his eyes and made that free throw

  • ShoeEtiquette

    seeKobe a great player with hella game no doubt but he is not top 5 I’m sorry kb24 fans, I truly see no reason to replace MJ with him as the all time greatest shooting guard

  • memphis tn

    Top 5 Jordan number 1 Bill Russell number 2 Kobe number 3 Magic Johnson number 4 and Larry Bird number 5 you can’t even say that LeBron James is even in the top 5 because all these guys have more rings more heart than LeBron besides LeBron is softer than JELL-O

    • DaTruthAndNutinButDaTruth

      Nup, #1 Jordan, #2 Magic, #3 Russell, #4 Kareem, #5 Wilt

    • J Rock

      Robert horry has more rings than all of them except bill russell. Argument is invalid. Try again

  • DaTruthAndNutinButDaTruth

    Wilt only has 2 rings Kobe has 5

  • DaTruthAndNutinButDaTruth

    #1 Bill Russell 11 RINGS #2 Michael Jordan 6 RINGS #3 Magic Johnson 5 RINGS #4 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 5 RINGS #5 Kobe Bryant 5 RINGS

    • J Rock

      Robert Horry has 7 rings where is he at?

      • memphis tn

        Horry wasn’t a good enough individual player like the rest. Otherwise I agree with him Kobe is 5th all time at best

  • Kray11

    Ok how do I start this hmmmmm . I’m going to congratulate Kobe Bryant ok that’s out the way . He passed mj …well for some of you that may not know Jordan retired in 93 then retired in 98 then officially retired in 2003 (see where I’m getting at ?) If Jordan never retired in the 1st place not only would he have gotten close to Kareem in the scoring leaderboard but he would have (with the bulls) ruled the 90’s with 9 to 10 championships from 91 to 99 or 2000 with that said it’s 2014 (11) yrs after mj officially retired for Kobe to surpass him smdh that’s pretty sad if you ask me if he would have done it 7 to 10 years ago then I would have been impressed

    • you have a point, IF jordan continued to play instead of retiring in the 90’s he would have been number 2 MAYBE #1. jordan did it in 17 years. i may be off by a year or so. Kobe did it in 18 also take into consideration that he has been dealing with injuries the past two seasons and hasn’t played a full season since 11-12 (12-13 achillies, 13-14 knee). U also never know he could play another 2-3 yrs…. Nothing against Jordan. I grew up watching him kerr, grant, pippen, kukoc tear it up. till this day i’ve never watched a team more closely. Not the lakers and definitely not the heat.

      • Kray11

        Jordan was injured his second year . Jordan got injured when he was with the wizards Did I forget to mention Jordan is just better all around lol . Anyhow man I wanna see Kobe lead a team to 72-10 (wait he can’t) I wanna see Kobe not loose in the finals (wait he did )


    Robert Horry has 7 yes but where are his other stats leading the team and taking over a game

  • 510kidd

    Kobe my Dude but there no comparison with MJ let’s just be real. Kobe has what 4 more seasons. & is just passing in scoring. That speaks for it self. Mike was a beast on the court

  • KingWhat

    Don’t nobody like Kobe anyway.