In a town accustomed to both construction and unusual sights, New Yorkers on West 34th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues—one block from Madison Square Garden—on Friday morning noticed a new 18-foot tall classic Jordan shoebox serving as a construction barrier. Behind that barrier, the Jordan Brand and Footaction teams are hard at work creating a Jordan-only retail store, the first in a series of planned premium Jordan retail experiences coming to North America.


“We’re excited to launch North America’s first Jordan Brand exclusive retail experience for athletes at the top of their game who demand the absolute best in both performance and style,” said Larry Miller, President, Jordan Brand. “We will work with Footaction to bring Flight 23 to markets across North America, and can’t imagine a better place to start than one of the best basketball cities in the world, New York.”


Source – Nike,Inc.

  • NoDay$Off

    I gotta get to New York

  • Reggie Tillman

    We Need One In Chicago ASAP. That should have been the first place

    • Chris

      Can’t argue with that comment one bit.

    • Dik Dangler

      Hope they keep retros on deck. Doubt it though. But that would kill resellers.

    • alex

      can’t believe they don’t have one in Chi-Town

      • J Rock

        How could he do this to New York but not have one in Chicago or CHARLOTTE?

  • vladimir grey


  • Pieman Guapo

    WOOOO ATL LETS GOOOOOO , hope we next for this jordan installment

  • P

    Ya of course it’s always 1 of 4 states .. NY CHI Cali or Florida .. Nike n JB need to start showin the D some love Comon now.. But I can understand tho being NY it’s prob the best state to always start with n props to JB stepping up they game

    • Shady James

      Toronto, Canada will probably get one before Detroit.

    • SneakerHead

      don’t hate cuz cali is where its at .

    • James_fuckin_Talbot

      Chicago’s a city bruh

  • Tomgunz84

    Damn can other cities get something damn at least a nike town in every city damn we can’t even do the twitter RSVP tht shit don’t make no fckin sense kinda pissed off lol

    • disqus_a6704r2FCB

      exactly smh we just got a h.o.h in new orleans

  • king0fTheDemo

    Big deal. There will be no retro stock I’m sure. It will basically be a Jordan only hoh. If they actually have retros in stock regularly then this would be great.

  • SneakerHead

    I hope its not like another flight club