What could possibly be bigger than Michael Jordan himself – his own sneakers, Jordan Brand aka Air Jordan Retros.


While Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player to ever lace-up a pair of shoes, it’s actually his own Air Jordans that will one day overtake his basketball achievements.

Jordan Brand Michael Jordan NBA Career

“I can’t explain it and no one can explain it,” Jordan told USA TODAY Sports. “And if anybody could explain it or duplicate it, they would have done it by now.”

“To me, it’s much bigger than Michael Jordan. It’s going to outlive me in terms of what I did for the game of basketball. It’s going to be something that’s going to last for a while.” He also went on to say, “He gets struck most when he sees kids too young to have watched him play basketball wearing Air Jordans.”

With some much on-court accomplishments, do you standby what Michael Jordan said that Jordan Brand will outlive his NBA career?

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