Yesterday I went to One Campus Martius in downtown Detroit, home of Quicken Loans, to talk to Campless founder Josh Luber. He’s recently moved to the Motor City in large part due to the investment he’s received from Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. San Gilbert has been investing heavily in the Detroit area for the last couple of years and as a native Detroiter, and sneakerhead, this investment into Campless is just the cherry on top. I have been following Campless since it first arrived a little over a year ago, so when the news broke that they’ll be here in the Motor City I couldn’t wait to meet the people involved. Meeting Josh I quickly realized that he’s one of the most down to earth people I’ve met being in the position that he’s in. We made our way to the 10th floor of the Quicken Loans building and onto the mock Cleveland Cavaliers basketball court to ask Josh a couple of questions.

We discussed a number of things such as how he got started, his vision for the company, and the new function of his website where you can build your own sneaker collection via Campless and get its actual market value. Sneakerheads around the world have been looking for an app that addressed their needs, and I believe what Josh and Campless have in the works might be the answer to a lot of sneakerheads prayers. Mine included, lol. So check out the interview and remember to go to, build up your own personal sneaker collection, and find out how much your collection is worth in today’s market. Smh, simply ingenious. Check out the video below.