Taking the awful (lyrically) but catchy song “In Love With The Coco” and making it into a sneaker anthem is Jacques Slade’s “I’m In Love With These Retros” music video parody.


This video will have you laughing and singing it for days. Jacques Slade did a heck of a job, so a major salute to you, as well as the other cameos that made an appearance. Enjoy the video and let us know what you guys think the comments. Are you in love with these retros?

  • Tomgunz84

    Lmao This Was Funny As Hell

  • Christian

    Such a dope video. Def stuck in my head now

  • Maxx

    The Tinker part was the best lol

  • flossbee

    Thought the video was going to be super corny but the comedic punch lines were actually pretty clever.

  • He definitely didn’t get ’em for that low-low