• Solereal

    I want these because Lebron has been my favorite player and idol since I first started watching basketball. I have been a fan threw the hate that he has received I will still defend for him and see him as the best player alive.

  • Bennett holmes

    size 10 please, I would like to have these because i never won anything b4 in my life and my Birthday is May 4th so it would the perfect present for my birthday ♥ thanks you

  • Bolanosj47

    I want these lebrons badly because I want to add them to my shoe collection! Hope I win

  • Bestbeats_24

    I got to get those it fit my collect

  • Beyunka

    I would really love those shoes they are so hot. I usually don’t get brightly colored shoes but these are awesome.

  • I need these because Lebron has been my favorite player since he was in high school. Through all the playoff failures I still have faith in my boy. We’re getting that ring this year!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been with SB Detroit for a while now, and I just really appreciate them, their website various forms of information, and so on. So I want to be a big part of the fam by winning something fro, them. #TEAMSBD. Twitter- @stevegrapes1 Facebook-Ebi Offor

    • Anonymous

      Size 11

  • I need these Lebrons just to make my lady mad!! Shes a U of M fan!!

  • JoeyV

    I just want them because lebrons are cold . Hope I win . Got the jersey at home .

  • I Want these “Master Pieces”shoes because i was never able to afford his shoesand i also never hated on Lebron when he took his talents to South Beach. GO HEAT

  • Kelvin

    Need These Lebron Elites Hope,I Win .

  • 503boy

    These shoes are a piece of art, I was never able to afford any of the lebrons cuz they run a little high on price. Entering 12th grade next year and would love to get some new basketball shoes to hoop in for my varsity year. I take care of my shoes. And would cherish these if I got em. My fam is not so financially able to get me shoes. So it would be a dream if SB Detroit and Millenium gave me the shoes. Good luck

  • guru

    Best Lebrons yet. These over southbeaches anyday

  • Sherriagranger

    I would like these lebrons for my nine year old son and my three year old son they both love lebron my three year old son thinks that every basketball game that comes on tv is bron bron as he would say he takes his bookbag with his jersey and old lebrons everywhere this is why I want the shoes.

  • I have never owned a pair of lebrons, and the varsity maize s would be so nice. I’m trying to start a collection, but I’m struggling. This would really help me out

  • Valleylow

    I need these LeBrons I gotta have them!

  • n3cho

    Yellow is m favorite color. These have been my fav lebrons ever since i heard of their release and tokyo 5s are my fav jayys. Yellow yellow

  • 2ryno2

    Reppin’ my town when you see me you know everything… Black n Yellow, Black and Yellow!!!
    Black NIKES, yellow paint, I’ma win, and y’all ain’t!
    Soon as I hit the deck, SHow-Case.. with MY ELITES on, make the floor shake!

    PS… It makes up for being out of town for the 12 release!

  • V4vicktory22

    I want these so I can add my 1st pair of Brons 2 my shoe collection. i just started collecting recently and only have a pair of kobes and durants. looking 2 expand w/ a hot new pair of these… and i never win anything so this would b cool!

  • Cali kid1991

    I need these… I I’m starting my whole collection over after a string of unfortunate events and yellow is my favorite color and they release the day b4 my bday

  • Jcruise

    I want these because the elite lebron 9s look really great for performance in basketball and this colorway looks really nice for the elites. I have also never owned a pair of Lebrons in my life and it would be great if i got a pair. The elites are also very expensive and i cannot buy them.

  • Nate Martinez

    I want these kicks first of all because shoes that are hot like this pair are a must have for a sneaker head. Second is because they are a beautiful pair that I wouldn’t mind being able to see in my closet when I wake up.

    • Nate

      Size 13

  • Anthony Abdul

    I want these because I am a lebron fanatic sneakerheads and I am not a reseller or hypebeast and I love Sneakerbardetroit and I will always know what awesome sneaker website gave these to me.

  • rolando saspa


  • Jrum0723

    i want these elites because they are clean and fresh pair of kicks. also b/c lebrons are one of favorite shoes

  • Prince_kel_15

    I need these in my life lol

  • LeBron’s name is classic, Nike is famous for cool kicks, together will sure stop traffic, together they make Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite “Varsity Maize” the best kicks that can stop traffic!

  • David

    I would like a pair because I really love the Nike Lebron 9 P.S Elite Varsity Maize, but I can’t afford it.


  • Tjb822

    I always loved shoes but I could never afford to buy any

  • Anonymous

    His would be my first pair of lebrons!

  • James_forman

    I need a size 9. I want these because lebron james shoes are so nice but the price of them I can’t afford them because I’m only 16 and my mom is just not having it. I want to own a pair Lebron James one day and this is my first chance to get some and this would me a early birthday gift my birthday is 5-30-12. If i win this I would be so happy. So yeah I hope I win.

    Shout out to

  • I want to win the Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite “Varsity Maize” because it’ll complete my life and i really dont want to deal with the drama at foot locker when these come out. PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

  • Anonymous

    OMG what is there to not like!? I mean c’mon son, It’s Lebron, c’mon son.

  • Joshua Jds92

    I should win these lebrons because my sneaker game consist of one pair of air maxs n One pair of team jordans n if I win these bkus I can’t afford them I would b so grateful n my shoe game would b betta

  • Ebony Hubbard

    I want to win the Lebron 9 elites because my brother bday is coming up and I would love to get them for him just to see his face would be enough for me to see him enjoy his first pair of Lebrons

  • Taylorjarell23

    I would luv to win then new lebrons ,because he is man favorite player and I need them new 9 ps.I got too pairs already but..I need those.king james,Aka man child,size 12

  • Ricardo

    I want to win the lebrons because I am not able to afford them and my parents won’t by shoes that expensive

  • Yes we all know that everybody wants that want these varsity maize’s and everyone has a reason whether it may be true or not but any I would want them to improve my shoe game and really im kinda starting the shoe game so this would make me a better sneakerhead. Size 11 -Peace

  • Cali kid1991

    11.5 please cause yellow is my fave color and they release the day b4 my bday and ill show you my birth certification so you know its real…I’m not gonna lie for shoes

  • Eazy_e2pac

    size 13 please!!

  • @ashley_x7 size 7 hopefully i win this 🙂 and goodluck to everybody else <3

  • Datnarain K

    @Datnarain95 size 9.5, i really want to win the Varsity Maize because
    I have a lot of yellow in my closet and I don’t have enough money to buy one write now because I just spend $400 on prom, and it would make a nice after prom sneakers 🙂

  • Keeg Spiff

    @KeegSPiFF size 12, I want these because the only sneakers i have are Grifffey Max’s from ’09. These Varstiy Maize Lebron’s would make a great addition to the start of my sneaker game. Shout out to @SBDetroit & @MilleniumShoes

  • BP

    size 11, these are sick af, would make a great birthday present

  • Cplejh2002

    I would love to win because as a sneakerhead with a family of five, its kind of hard to get the kicks u want

  • Size 12, cant wait to win

  • JRK

    for the Kevlar Laces thoo

  • Nathannotch

    Size 13. Been a huge SBD fan for a while. Hook me up y’all.

  • 6isback

    I want these lebrons honestly because I’m the biggest Lebron fan and I’ve always wanted his shoes just didn’t have the money, I’m watching the basketball game right now wishing I has those playoffs. I’m a super sneaker head but no Lebron to the collection yet:(

  • honestly i think i should get these shoes because i think they look great and if i were them all of my friends would go and buy them and you will make more money plus, im not the “richest kid on the block” if you know what i mean and it would mean alot to me thanls

  • Ryan Monju

    I want to win this free giveway because i don’t have no shoes at all. i want two leborn 9 elite.My shoes size is 11.5 and 12.0. i live in 3550 gentry ridge ct sliver spring Maryland. And like your pages and i follow u at twitter. THE SHOES IS SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this would be my 1st pair of lebrons.. im hoping i be the lucky pick

  • Amims32

    I need these, I’ve missed out on every other pair of LeBron’s I wanted this year, this colorway sick and it’ll make a great summer show. So c’mon SBD hook ya boy up with that sz. 11.5

  • First of all these shoes are tough! I need these in my life because I can predict the future and I see the Lebrons taking the same path that Jordans are doing now. They will come out 20 years down the line and people will do whatever necessary to have them. Also, I’m a boss and bosses need this shoe…lol

  • Jlerner30199

    I cant afford it. It would be really nice to have a pair of kickz that aren’t from Target

  • Jlerner30199

    It would be really nice to have a pair of kicks that arent from target. I also can’t afford shoes that expensive. I am a size 14, and i deserve to win. 301 Lydecker street englewood new jersey 07631

  • Jcchio13

    I hope i win this, if i do this’ll be my first lebrons and my first pair of this colorway (prolly better than south beach) and my first win off any give aways ever!, im trying to expand my collection to more than just Js and itll be cool if my first brons would come from SBDetroit! Ps im a size 10.5

  • Sircua

    Crazy color way, passed on home and away versions. Hoping to cop this pair and the “mcfly” or “sb” color way. Price tag still steep, but hey sneakerheads will cop to enjoy wearing and staring at it. Thess > electrolime foams. But yea, good luck to all trying to get a pair for themselves!

  • Samwidwicky

    I hope i win this give away it will be my first pair of lebrons an to start off with these would be nice.. Please pick me sz 8.5

  • SneakerJay

    This’ll be a nice way to help my new sneaker collection. An underrated pair. Lebron’s might be my favorite brand.

  • Nathannotch

    Tonight’s the night. About to win my first pair of LeBrons. Thanks SBD!!

  • I am a Jordan Collector but I have never had a pai of Lebrons. size 13

  • Treven Warner

    I want these size 11

  • Azizbek muminov

    I want it for my birthday

  • keishara brewton

    i am gonna be so happy if you pick me! god bless you!!! size 9.0

  • ryan winston

    im broke an i need some lebrons really bad size 13

  • shyboy

    i have wanted some lebrons since 1 ever heard about it but my parents don’t have enough money to buy it for me size 8.5

  • jenna

    ive never owned one ill be happy to im 10 yrs old i wear size 4 please pick me