Fake YEEZY China Store

While China brands are currently in lawsuits regarding trademarks that includes Under Armour vs. Uncle Martian, Jordan brand vs. Qiaodan Sports, and recently New Balance vs. New Boom. It now appears that another could follow very soon.


Taking things to a whole new level, there is actually an unofficial “YEEZY” store located in Wenzhou. This store is literally what everyone is dying to have in the states. Not only is it filled with tons of adidas Yeezy color options, it’s also stocked with never-before-seen colorways. But as expected, everything in the store are all knockoffs aka FAKES.

What do you guys think of this YEEZY Store in China? Get a look inside below and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Fake YEEZY China Store

Fake YEEZY China Store

Source: Hypebeast

  • raul

    I bet I’d still take an L if I went there

  • Kev Harvington

    hey im all for it.
    i like how china finds a way for there ppl
    imagine how easy it is to get a real pair cuz alot of ppl is satified wit the pair they got frm this store.
    so you dont have those ppl who are in a frenzy cuz they missed 3 other releases

  • Sūpā Saiya-jin

    LMAO left Store NewBunren