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The Most Expensive Nikes In StockX History

Sneaker resale has reached new heights in 2020. And at the center of it all is the trailblazer of after-market glory: Nike. Last year, a pair of original 1972 Nike Moon Shoes sold for just over $430,000. This event may be an outlier, but it still illustrates how enormous the market has become.

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StockX crunched their numbers and ranked the most expensive Nikes in StockX history. From Nike SB Dunks to Air Force 1s, some Nikes have skyrocketed so much in value that they are more comparable in price to cars than other sneakers. A lot of the expected releases made the list, but others were a surprise. You’ll be shocked to find out what topped their list.

To find out which Nikes have become the most expensive in history read the full article here.

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