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Who Designed The Nike Logo?

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By now the origin story of Nike, the journey of Phil Knight and Blue Ribbon Sports, has circulated through every medium known to man. But the origins of the iconic Nike Swoosh are often unknown, and it shouldn’t be. The Swoosh is the identity of Nike and its creator should be celebrated. So, who designed the Nike Logo?

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The story goes that Carolyn Davidson was tasked with designing a logo that resembled the wings of the Greek goddess Nike. She was compensated with a measly $35 for the 17.5 hours she worked on the design. This mythological tale has been the story of Nike’s logo since the first Nike shoe released in 1971. But this all-too-familiar story is wrong.

StockX dug through the history books and found the truth behind the Nike Logo. The real story follows an unorthodox timeline and is not as deep as it is made out to be.

To find out the real story of the creation of the Nike Logo and the woman who designed it, click here.

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