The Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite One was certainly a release that truly defined the word “Hype.” The limited edition collaboration was scheduled to release at the LA, NY and London locations, but due to a sheer volume of Supreme-heads already camped out a day prior, plus adding to those that came the day of – the NYPD was forced to shut the release down. Afterwords Supreme apologized for the shut down by issuing this statement below on Instagram:

Due to concern for public safety, NYPD has forced us to not sell the Supreme/Nike Foamposites and accompanying clothing in our New York Store. These items will be available on tomorrow at 11am EST. -Supreme



After the madness settled down and the police took charge of the release, Supreme ended up dropping them the next day – as mentioned above in their statement.

There is no doubt that anything linked to Supreme will draw interests, but do you think the Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite One was worth all the hype and increase in your heart-rate? Let us know below.

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