Two of the most iconic logos are the Nike Swoosh and Jordan Brand’s Jumpman. You can literally sell anything you want with either one of those logos displayed somewhere on whatever it is you’re trying to sell. Heck, put either logos on toilet paper and I bet you have the best selling toilet paper in the market.


We all crave for those Nike Air Jordan releases that symbolizes a classic original model. But when it comes to clothing which do you prefer?

For me I personally like the Nike Swoosh over the Jumpman when it comes to apparel. In my opinion I feel Nike makes better quality clothing, specially their gear for training/working out. From shorts, Dri-FIT t-shirts, pants, etc. I’d just rather rock Nike over what Jordan Brand puts out.

Nike Swoosh

Now when talking logo itself, I don’t think any brand can compare to the Jumpman. It’s just an iconic logo that is known and well respected worldwide. But Nike is right there with them. Such a simple checkmark Swoosh, but you have to say it is a pretty dope logo as well.

Jordan Jumpman Logo

So from apparel to the logo themselves, which would you rather rock and support. Are you #TeamSwoosh or #TeamJumpman?

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  • Swoosh > Jumpman

    I never buy Jordan cloths, strictly Nike. But I do buy Retros tho.

    • Invest in phonix

      Go back to school !

    • Invest in phonix

      Go back to school

      • SQUIG

        You’re a piece of shit

  • jerry

    Shoe Jordan. Cloths Nike

    • Invest in phonix

      Go back to school !

      • HHH


  • GTL

    Shoes Js. Clothing Nike. Jeans Levis. Hats Snap Back. Girls TONS.

  • Intellek

    Mostly wear Jordan shoes and nike gear, but I think Jordan has nice shorts

  • Kickzlife

    w.o the swoosh there would be no jump man… Just remember that. Jumpman is Nikes side chick

    • SQUIG

      No I disagree!! There would be no great shoes without mike! And im glad the swoosh is gone!

      • Kickzlife

        lmfao who you think hire the designers for the first MJs? if you only wear the early #s, you should thank NIKE.. If its not a retro, nothing else of of JB sells


    You buy js for js! Not for Nike?? Jordan represents the shoe as one of the greatest of all time. I never want the Nike on the back of my shoes. If I want Nike shoes I’ll buy specific Nike shoes!

    • Guest

      When it comes to OG …. Jump man or swoosh at heel?


    I wear Jordans, but when it comes to clothes from either brand I have noticed that Jordan clothing isn’t great on quality. Colors/letters fade, shirts shrink or rip. But with Nike so far its been great quality. But I stick to buying other brand clothing

  • No hype here

    Certain JB and Nike clothing products are higher quality then others… Nike usually runs about a size smaller. But honestly they both make products of high quality as well as shitty quality from time to time. I’d have to say it’s varies piece by piece to keep it 100.