Two of the biggest brands made some noise when signing two of the hottest artists in the rap game, Kanye West and Drake. The signing is arguably the most significant signings in recent memory, when talking non-star athletes. Kanye West left Nike to join adidas, but Drake’s signing with Jordan Brand seemed to come out of nowhere. The differences between the two are the fact that Kanye West actually has a sneaker line set to release, but Drake on the other hand has no line set to release, instead he’s been receiving some nice PEs like the OVO and Drake vs. Lil Wayne pairs.


It has yet to be determined who has had the better deal between the two. But it’s obvious that Kanye West will benefit more for the consumers, as Drake is more for a commercial standpoint. Both great signings for each brand.

However, what if Jordan Brand and adidas partnered up to release special collaboration that would/could have both Kanye West and Drake involved? If you remember adidas was the brand Michael Jordan almost signed with before making history with the Swoosh – Nike.

Could you imagine how the shoe would look like if it did go down. How many of you would love to see this happen? Let us know if you would be in favor of this collaboration in the comments section below, as well as your additional thoughts.

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