In this episode of TSB, it’s just Caesar and Geeno in-studio.


Cait, the sound engineer, is named the new White Ranger, proving to little girls everywhere that they too can dream big of one day contributing inappropriate banter on a semi-successful podcast.

Of course we had to touch on StockX debacle from this past weekend. StockX stands accused of deceiving their customers by attempting to cover up, and lie about, a hack that attacked their system in May.

Colin Kaepernick and Nike are nominated for an Emmy for their “Dream Big” ad that ran last year. Can’t wait for the inevitable “boycotting things we don’t do anyway” by the segment of Kap haters out there when the awards show airs next month.

Jordan Crawford claims that Nike still owes him $500 for dunking on LeBron James back in 2009. Cash, check, or Nike+ store credit, he wants his bread. This story ultimately leads into a conspiracy about Nike’s attempt to conceal, and confiscate, any evidence of any alleged dunk on Mr. James. Either way, we don’t know if it’s cheap, petty, or both on Nike’s part.

Adidas reiterates their plans to go completely green in 2024 by only using recycled plastics to make their products. Included in this is the use of “virgin” polyesters, not to be confused with “fast” polyesters, which is apparently a much “looser” material to work with.

And finally, to end the show on a positive note–we’re looking at you StockX–a woman in Arkansas buys up the entire inventory of shoes at a local Payless to give away to children in need.