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Can MJ Still Play in Today’s Game at Age 48 ? ?

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Everyone recently saw the videos of Michael Jordan’s ability to still dunk at age 48 at his Bobcats Fantasy Camp on July 18th. Jordan was ask at the Camp if he could still dunk ? And as you check out the video above you can see that instead of Jordan being insulted by the question on the Jay Leno Show, he took it upon him self to let every one know that YES at age 48 Michael Jordan can still Dunk. Now after seeing both videos, that leaves us to think could Jordan still, in today’s game play a full NBA game ? ? Us at Sneaker Bar would bet anything that the Man could do so and still put up 20 points. Take a look at the Video again below and let us know what you think, could MJ still do it ? ? Always rock with Sneaker Bar for daily updates and news.


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