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The Buyer’s Guide to Nike Air Force 1s

The Nike Air Force 1 is timeless, a true marvel in current culture. Its simple design has never gone out of style and it continues to reach new audiences, regardless of age or region. With a strong foothold in the zeitgeist, it’s important to know how the Air Force 1 has retained its popularity through generations without having to adapt to the world around it.

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There is enough Air Force 1 history to fill a few books, but StockX put together a crash course with all of the Nike Air Force 1 information you need as you search for your next pair. Do you know the difference between Uptowns and Downtowns? Can you name the 10 most expensive AF1s on the market?

Check out the entire Air Force 1 Buyer’s Guide in the full post here for all the answers.

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