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Basketball Talk: Who Got Game?

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Will Miami’s big three get a championship this season?

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We all remember LeBron saying “not one, not two, not three, not four, not five”. In that statement LeBron was referring to the number of championships that they would win. I just hope that is not the number of years it takes them to get a championship. Last season was full of ups and downs for the Heat which, ended up with them loosing to the Mav’s in the finals. In my opinion, D Wade was the only who showed up to play. The other two were invisible.

In LeBron’s defense, he was out of his comfort level while at the same time being the most hated player in the NBA. As far as Bosh, he inconsistently attacked the basket in pick and roll situations. Hopefully, LeBron and Bosh have learned from that and moved on.
It appears that the off season and lockout have helped the big 3 improve physically and mentally. D Wade, Bosh and LeBron started training with a new trainer (see link below). LeBron has made the decision to change his attitude and have fun. In addition, the Heat picked up Shane Battier.
Are these changes enough to get them to the promise land? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Always rock with Sneaker Bar Detroit for the latest news and updates.

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