Allen Kuo 100 Pairs of Yeezys

Everyone seen the image of Allen Kuo, a 20 year old who was able to get his hands on 100 pairs of the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost “Light Grey” before release.


Sneaker Watch recently sat down with Allen for an exclusive interview to talk about how he got started, as well as how he was able to get so many YEEZYs before they actually debuted.

Allen Kuo 100 Pairs of Yeezys

Interesting enough, Allen Kuo admits that he doesn’t even wear Air Jordans or YEEZYs and that he isn’t a sneakerhead and is just in it for the money.

Check out the full exclusive interview below and let us know what you guys think in the comments section.

  • Justin Wright

    Says he doesn’t wear Yeezys, but is wearing Yeezys in the picture.

  • Knockout game

    And nobody swung on him…?

  • DJ Khaled

    Congratulations, You played yourself!

  • Allen, you smart

    Lesson here folks. All you need is money and a positive attitude to become successful!

  • Real Talk

    Real Key to Success.

  • Carlton

    what a piece of shit.

  • Kuo for president

    He already making over 6 figures????

  • face

    Smfh people always trying to make a profit…. Let people that want to wear the shoes get them…. I know its a hustle but fuck

  • JARE_ee

    Admits that he doesn’t even wear Air Jordans or YEEZYs and that he isn’t a sneakerhead. Wear Yeezy’s in picture.

  • Mario Brigeezy

    This video is basically a fucking 20 min. commercial for eBay and PayPal. It’ll encourage all those loser hypebeast resellers to drive more business toward that venue.

    This ma fucka ain’t doin’ 6 figures lol. This is the internet you morons. Anyone can make anything up and get in front of a camera with a dude who sounds like a creepy porn director voice. So what?

    He has *wink* *wink* investors lmfao. Each dropping $50,000 a piece. This fucking kid didn’t make shit. He’s basically the fall guy in case shit goes down.

    What kind of business man is stupid enough to brag about an alleged 6 figure income that’s non-taxable??? Seriously? Real successful people never openly brag like this dumb fuck. They keep a low profile. Fyi real successful people never do what everyone else is doing. That’s why they’re successful lol. How can one succeed if everyone was doing the same thing to succeed? That contradicts the room for left for success.

    This video was made because of the recent slump in sneaker sales. So it just hypes the dumb resellers. Anyways, I already submitted the video link and Allen Kuo name anonymously to the IRS. Let’s see if he’s happy declaring his taxable 6 figure income next year lol.


    • War Machine

      bruh it aint that serious. the fact that lame story made u write all that is pretty sad….then u even went as far as to snitch to the IRS??? Hold this L Faggot. “You played urself”

      • North Blue

        are u mad lol