On April 19th, Finish Line will be having an Air Jordan Retro restock that includes the Air Jordan 4 “Green Glow” and “Toro” as well as the Air Jordan 6 “White Infrared. Let us know which pair your looking to pickup in the comments and keep it locked to Sneaker Bar for further release info on more upcoming restocks.





  • franklin

    might try and cop them green glows

  • xavier

    pretty sick restock on some 11s tho

  • chris


  • the_peepa


  • Q Z

    might have to grab another pair of Toro 4s
    Got green glow & toros still waitin to bust out this summer

  • Drake

    Breds definitely gettin copped & maybe the green glows.

    • Tomgunz84

      Wear you see some breds at up there ?

      • Kray11

        He has a good eye bro that nigga has super man , spider man , telescope vision he can even see germs on the wall or prolly that’s all he see is breds who knows ..

        • Tomgunz84


      • ii

        The breds written on his forheadi

    • ROOKIE

      You mean the Toro 4s. Can’t stand when people don’t even know the Damn name.

      • WelDun1

        Look at what his Screen name is..Haha HYPEBEAST ass muafukas don’t even know why ther called Breds in the first place
        Also tells you that he ain’t copping shit!

  • dizzle1119

    None for me, thanks. The nubuck on those IV’s is “Walmart sneakers” level….and the leather on the current VI’s ain’t much better.

    Jordan brand is selling y’all the same 10 or 15 shoes over and over, while the prices skyrocket and the materials & build quality sink to immeasurable depths. Straight. Up. Garbage.

    • CALI559es

      Lol.. ain’t that the true

      • ROOKIE

        Yes it is look at the banned 1s and the bred one’s that were released in December last year, we saw a price increase for a quality decrease. The leather on the banned 1s was much thicker and plush than the recent retroes. price increase for a quality decrease doesn’t really make sense at all.

  • HelpMer

    Wait are they going to be on finishline.com or on retail stores??

    • Tmoney860

      I had the same question. I’m thinking most likely online but I’m deff hittin up my local Finshline and asking if they’re getting them in.

      • kicks_4_life

        Are they selling them in stores answer back plzz need a pair or both

        • Derpo

          That is what I’m trying to figure out :

        • hendo707

          Online only bro..

          • Joe..

            Oh thank god

      • hendo707

        I went to the store today and they said that the restocks are online only.

  • kicks_4_life

    Tmoney860 do you know if they will sale at stores

  • kickz4ever

    Just a minor glitch, they are no longer on the release calendar smh

  • Regular guy

    Is this the same day as the “yeezy” foams release?

  • Smoke The Dope

    Y’all can have these I’ll be trying to cop the foams instead

    • Bewbs

      Like we ALL care

      • Smoke The Dope

        You must care if you replying to me.. Fuckin lame keep it pushin!

  • DaCollector

    shit once the weather break in the chi i can final bust out my toro 4’s from last year. smh it’s still shit weather up here since august of 2013 and it’s already spring 2014. passing on the other two.

    • vampin

      Fuck the weather i wear mine

      • Paul Chenault

        Like “Fukk It”…

        • vampin

          Im on the east side chiraq. ..u know we got more shit to worry about than the weather. ..

  • Green glow

    Green glow

  • Michelle Mccallister

    them toro’s….. I missed those when they came out fml….. I NEED THHEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bwduval90431

    where are they getting this info finishline saing its not true

  • Mynameis

    How much are the Toro 4s gonna be