Who doesn’t love Air Jordans with Nike Air. But isn’t it time for Jordan Brand to start releasing non-original Air Jordan Retro models with Nike Air branding? For example, next year in 2018, Jordan Brand will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Air Jordan 3. During the celebration, we’re expected to see a lot of Air Jordan 3s release, even including the highly anticipated Air Jordan 3 OG “Black Cement” with Nike Air on the heels.


While majority of all “Nike Air” branded releases are used on original Air Jordans, expect for the Air Jordan 1. How many of you would like to see a brand new Air Jordan 3 colorway with Nike Air release in 2018 for its 30th Anniversary.

They could even take a further step forward and release other models in new colorways with Nike Air slapped on the heels.

What do you guys think? It could be a win-win situation, Jordan Brand gets to raise the retail prices a bit and we get a chance to own something new instead of always recycling the same old pairs over-and-over.

Cast your vote below and start the conversation on what you guys think in the comments section. Check out a few customs done in the past with Nike Air branding.

Should Jordan Brand Release Non-OG Air Jordans with Nike Air?


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Air Jordan Nike Air Non-Original Colorways

Air Jordan Nike Air Non-Original Colorways

Air Jordan Nike Air Non-Original Colorways

Air Jordan Nike Air Non-Original Colorways

  • Maxbeatz

    Don’t ruing a legacy!

    • Geoff Woodard

      They ruined it when they started putting jumpmans on the heels

      • shadowhawk672

        you make a fair point.

  • T$ .

    They Already did last month lol

  • Joseph Brescia

    Please stop with the Nike air it’s hideous that’s why it’s changed in the first place if you want that go buy air Force ones

  • flossbee

    Sure… Go ahead… Release them. I’d have no interest though. OG colorways with Nike Air or nothing.

  • Will

    What’s the point of doing that?? Leave it alone. For the new generation it doesn’t mean anything but for the guys that grew up in that era it does. I would never buy a non OG Colorway with the Nike Air. There are only 4 models with the Nike Air & the Jumpman together – 3s, 4s, 5s & 6s (1’s don’t count) and Nike is going to miss with these.. Senseless!!! IMO

  • Cinematic Taylor

    Leave that alone should only have it on the orifi5nals that came like that .

  • Joseph Brescia

    He should never put Nike air out again, it’s ugly, that’s why we aren’t too Jumpman in first place