The “Bel-Air” theme continues this weekend with the Jordan 6 Rings set to debut and inspired by the iconic 90s theme is Kicks Galore‘s latest Air Jordan 9 “Bel-Air” Custom.


The Air Jordan 9 “Bel-Air” Custom features a Cool Grey base with the “Bel-Air” pattern along the mudguards in the colorful 90s pattern. Check out the additional images below and let us what you think in the comment section. Should Jordan Brand maybe release another Air Jordan Retro “Bel-Air” model?

Air Jordan 9





  • mayer

    damn these are really sick

  • glenn

    i would most def cop other bel-air models if released

  • jenkins

    i think they should, will did wear other models besides the 5s, but they never will tho

  • vincent

    these are really sick, good job

  • Kicks 101


  • NoDay$Off

    Ooo these fresh af, and i’d cop other Bel-air’s too

  • ChicksInKicks

    I would most deffinetly cop them . its been awhile since a pair of 9s came out and im tired of all these 5s coming out

  • Courtney

    does anyone know where i can order these?

  • DeeDeeW_

    HOW do i get these !? Someone Anyone … #Seriously

  • Alize’


  • Leeleee


  • UNgifted & Talented

    Please bring these out!!! I’ll spend whatever on them

  • Shakara Coles

    I gotta preorder them whenever they come out ill be waiting

  • Davion Garrett

    Please let these shoes come out . I’ll pay what ever for them .

  • ✨Jazzzzz…

    Yessss!! Please release these.

  • leokidd1

    i already got the bel-air 5’s so ima pass on these but i do like them

  • superiorthoughts1

    omg I releaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the. they fye. I look retarded lol looking for the release date smh #thestruggle

  • Mac louchiee

    Release these ASAP

  • Mac louchiee


  • Mac louchiee

    Asap mac

  • Mac louchiee
  • Trevor2fresh

    I would Totally cop these if dese Drop bruh these are sexy af dese shits go hard go harder den dose Bel air 5s dese are sexy

  • Trevor2fresh

    i gotta get dese in my hand so bad Mj should relase custom pairs like dese instead of makin those regular colors like black & red he should relase dese bel air 9s dont you think too

  • gemale

    release them release them for real real release them

    • Trevor2fresh

      Yeah fuckin release dem i want these bad bruh

  • Sy

    release them ! I want them ! I want them now ! price & place ! release them in Philadelphia ! ! ! just release them ! I need a pair ! release , release , release ! ! !

  • montae

    Them are so tuff, i would pay anything for them and is u tryna sell any other j’s

  • montae

    Whts your # so we can talk business

  • NajSpitFlames

    Wtf release them they way better then the 5s bel airs this shouldnt even be a question about it

    • Gtb ßari

      Ikr !!

  • Brittani Roundtree

    Them thangs sexy as shit release in philly they will sell

  • zay hester

    wen des thangs come out i want des on christmas

  • zay hester

    release in athens or atlanta

  • Nessa

    These are hard i def want these

  • Gtb ßari

    Release them Now !!!

  • Gtb ßari

    Release Them Be for Christmas|| I WANT THEM|| <3 !!!

  • nautica

    release them ASAP! must have!

  • Natasha Guccii

    Yessssss Release Thiss…


    Release These Mf’s !!!!!!!!!!

  • Forever a NOLESSS .

    RELEASE ASAP !!!!!!!
    #I GOT TO HAVE THEM !!!!!

  • ThotsLoveMheee

    They should release these ASAP, They Too Dope , # I NEED THESE SNEAKERS !!!

  • ThugLyfee_

    The Air Jordan 9″Bel-Air” custom.should SOOOO be put out in stores..Them shoes sooo iceyyy n SMOKING!..oh yesss baby they sexii..release in Louisiana

  • sneakerhead25


  • Aiayna

    How Much Will They Be??????

  • jalesay

    Yesyes yes i want these

  • karii

    Yeess yesss please I want these sooo baddd but make more this time please !!!

  • Bel-Air

    How much and are they available if I want them let me know asap!