Air Jordan 8 Retro Chrome Available

*The photos below are not the 2015 edition*


Air Jordan 8 VIII Chrome 2015

Air Jordan 8 VIII Chrome 2015

Air Jordan 8 VIII Chrome 2015

Air Jordan 8 VIII Chrome 2015

  • guest

    This is going to be a solid year..

  • Garnett

    man 2015 be looking like heaven

  • zelda

    really feeling these. never owned them and glad to have another chance

  • ZZZZzzzzz

    Chrome 8s are boring to me. Not even looking twice at this release. Passing all day. Waiting for black friday for the aqua 8s.

  • Yesman

    O.M.G Y.E.S.

  • Lodidodida

    Been wanting these 8s since for very, very long time. This retroing of retroes is what we’ve been waiting for there are so many great cws from that era, still hoping french blues 12s and 9s drop again one day

  • Guest

    i like these but damn I have enough black and white js. sad but i’m passing on these and the oreo 4’s tomorrow.

  • No hype here

    Not the biggest fan of the 8s but these have always been dope to me


    Was told of a Jordan 8 for Christmas release, guess these must be it. Good news so far, miss my pair


  • Ajay

    Nice but Imma skip 4 the aquas

    • og_flaco

      thats what im talkin about i like the aquas better

  • Murdamil

    Yes first pair of 8’s here i cum
    Chromes these ba ys sexy too ndeed must cop

    • mars

      Took the words OUTTA my mouth.. Somethig about the recent 8 releases over the past 3 years made me not want them as my first pair of 8’s… But I’m starting to feel all black approaches

  • KushKloud

    Dope! to me these are the best colorway of the 8s

    • og_flaco

      You should get the aquas bro, not really feelin the whole black everything, might cop to resell.

  • Kray11

    Celebrating there 23rd anniversary this year ? It’s the year of the 7s I guess they celebrating 8s early . I got the bunnies , playoffs & the bobcats so it’s cool no need for another pair of 8s .

    • sneakerjunkie212

      Quite the contrary my friend ……the aqua will be. Here this season …n that is a definite choice above all

      • Kray11

        That’s cool bro I just got bigger fish to fry . Them cigar/ champagne 7s that are scheduled to be announced soon . Them bred 11 lows. Obviously them 11s in Dec. Them stealth 20s , double nickels . So 8s for me are not a priority right now lol . There’s some 17s supposed to be announced this year also wel see.

        • sneakerjunkie212

          11s I’m tired of the 20s I still got my yellow white n black pair on crisp the 17s I still have the white n red in soo soon .but I will do those again . .maybe…but u are right we will see


    I only rock jordan 1 3 4 and 5 niggas

    • troyss

      cause u r fucking hypebeast so stfu

    • Corey Worthy

      Then get out of here 1345 crack head

  • Foxx561

    i used to think these were the ugliest shoes ever cuz of the straps….they still are. but the comfort and color schemes got me. smh

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Word I thought the same till I saw a few colorways back in the early 2000’s & tried on a pair

  • Mitch

    8s are horrible. would never cop one pair of them not even those db 8s

  • lexypooh55

    Fire im with it

  • Michigan

    These are nice! A perfect fall shoe. Probably won’t cop though. I already have tons of kicks in these colors.

  • Corey Worthy

    This s a nice shoe but it is a cop for me

  • ShoeEtiquette

    I dont mind the price increase but if jb/nike asking $190 every drop they better get they heads outta their ass, cus if they trying to slap that same weak durabuck on them that was used back in 2003 that shit aint gonna fly player, let them bitches sit on the shelves cus thats a remastered version price ya dig.


    Glad pics surfaced, sadly they look like that ashy quality I’ve seen on the Oreo 5’s . Hopefully I’m wrong

  • WhatsFly23

    These arent really noticeable they boring

  • SirFuck YaMotha

    They look like shoes zombies would wear because they don’t have no life in them and the only reason why they are okay is because they are Jordan 8’s now the playoffs and the aqua’s are cool but these ……….. HELL NO

  • YourCunt

    Clean shoe but I’m not feeling them. The Aqua 8s and UNC 1s are my must haves. Aqua 8s are gonna sell like crazy so if I don’t get them I’m moving to the UNC 1s the rest of the holiday lineup is alright but nothing too good. The Sweater 7s are okay. The Laney 14 lows are clean as fuck but the tongue is too much for me, the 3-peat 8s are ugly imo. So basically ima stick with the UNC 1s ya feel me?

  • Corey Worthy

    Thos a nice shoe

  • prprincprinceretro9

    I think these hoes is clean…. But I already have the Oreo 4s should I drop those n cop these? I need an og”‘s advice

    • amir anderson

      Cop them mutha fuckas bruh

  • princeretro9

    I’m in love with these and the Bordeaux 7s I have to cop … But between these, the Oreo 4s, n Bordeaux’s JB force feeding black n grey but I can’t complain the all more than halfway decent

  • User13

    Release is December 12th for the Chromes

  • amir anderson

    I’m copping these no doubt


    After Christmas Day tho ? These were my grails but I’ll just pass completely. Something about shopping they day after Christmas annoys me, too many people

  • Christopher Williams

    I think I’m more excited about these than the Aqua’s FrFr.

  • MarcMD

    Not sure about that nubuck material. The water stains on them arent a good look.

  • RetroKid823

    last cop of 2015 ???

  • Brianjumpman23

    Does anyone now if these chrome 8’s are gonna b available in grade school sizes cause my son really likes these

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Full family sizing yes. As for price on GS size I think its $140 or $160 like the 6’s

  • Will

    Very nice! These are a must for me!