Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 1993 2007 2015

UPDATE: Here is a full detailed look at the “Aqua” Air Jordan 8 that retros on Black Friday. Several sizes are already available via eBay.


Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 2015

UPDATE: One of the biggest releases of the year, the “Aqua” Air Jordan 8 makes its retro return next month on Black Friday. Here is another look at the highly anticipated release via zsneakerheadz.

Air Jordan 8 Aqua 2015 Black Friday

UPDATE: Here are a few new images via @icyheatsole of the “Aqua” Air Jordan 8 that is set to debut on Black Friday. With these photos, we get a first look at the insole of the shoe.

Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 Retro Aqua 2015

UPDATE: Aside from the official images, we now take a first via @bigktheboss look at the “Aqua” Air Jordan 8 that is set to take over Black Friday.

Aqua Air Jordan 8 Black Friday 2015

Aqua Air Jordan 8 Black Friday 2015

Aqua Air Jordan 8 Black Friday 2015

Aqua Air Jordan 8 Black Friday 2015

Aqua Air Jordan 8 Black Friday 2015

Aqua Air Jordan 8 Black Friday 2015

Air Jordan 8 VIII Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 VIII Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 VIII Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 VIII Retro Aqua 2015

Air Jordan 8 VIII Retro Aqua 2015

  • OH MY GOD!!!!!!

  • Aaron Bryant


  • Ajay

    This is to good to be true

  • Jacob

    Can’t wait ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Isaiah

    Damn Jordan Brand just tryin to leave everyone broke this year

  • Taylor

    Ummmm help. Imma be broke in 2015

  • Max
  • Jamal Saunders

    Best news so far!!!

  • lewis

    im 100% copping these maybe three pairs

  • Massive

    Aqua 8s, Maroon 6s, Bordeaux 7s, Lightning 4s, and All-Red 11s all need to release at some point in the next two years!

    • Ajay

      Bordeaux 7s = July 4th 2015

    • jordan king

      Aqua 8 = november 27

  • Jay

    God is good

    • God Hates Geeks


  • Michigan

    Nice! So far the only pair of Jordan’s I’m coppin that are confirmed to release this year.

  • Nika

    I’ve been waiting for these …damn JB know wat he doing

  • Rico

    I’m selling all my shit now cause this bs and now the shoe gonna be ruined

  • 510kidd

    These are nothing but 7s wit a strap. Y’all can have em. All y’all gone be broke by the middle of summer lmao

    • Dev_The_Dude

      Must be thinking everybody has as little in their bank account as you do… lmao… & you’ll be the same lame ass nigga willing to spend 250 for some foams… Take a seat sir & get your bread up

      • 510kidd

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      • 510kidd

        Now you can have a seat. On a Dick

      • 510kidd

        Now you can have a seat. On a Dick

  • Todd

    Would stab my mother in the face for these

    • Jacob


    • Julio guerra

      Damn i. Bet you already did lol


    Quick pass!

  • Too eager

    Could give a shit about black friday release……I need to know what jordan 11 is going to release for christmas.

    • Julio guerra

      U aint lying fuck every other release lol

      • abck


    • abck


  • J_Collector

    good now i don’t feel bad for flipping my 07 pair hope they have the insoles like the originals did

  • flossbee

    Aqua 8’s, OG Chicago 1’s and Hare 7’s will satisfy my JB fix for the year.

    • mars

      Hare 7’s, hare 1’s, Bordeaux’s, and aqua’s will do it

    • Corey Worthy

      Hare 7s.Chicago 10 and 1,aqua 8 and the Bordeaux 7 will do it for me

  • chi town 773

    Yeah buddy bring back memories

    • Kray11

      You already know lol these and the breds are the most worn shoe in the chi lol….

      These in the winter and the breds in the summer lol

      • chi town 773

        Yeah plus 200$ ain’t shit…you can get that right back…niggas in the chi stay papered up..chi town 4 life

        • Kray11

          Fo sho

  • Uptown

    Only see 2 pickups this year so far. Oreo 4s and bred lows!

    • hoe ass nigga

      Get yo broke ass off this site

      • Uptown

        All y’all haters could eat a dick. Y’all the same dickheads that would buy some 11s moulded from shit and call them mocha 11s.

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        Just because someone doesn’t spend his money on shit Aquas, it doesn’t mean he’s broke. That money is better spent on Raging Bulls if they drop. Take Project X’s dick out yo ass because you’re fucked.

    • Project X

      Uptown a broke nigga in 2015 lol. Nigga you need a dollar? send me your email i’ll take care of you. you can be my new bitch!

      • Uptown

        I don’t rock 7s or 8s Fuck you!

        • 510kidd

          Fuck what they talkin bout bruh.I feel you. I don’t Fuck wit 7s or 8s ether. But it’s sure more Shit I’d cop this year

        • Corey Worthy

          7 is one of the best air jordans are you crazy

      • Patriot

        Actually, Uptown has common sense and doesn’t like ugly shoes like you.

        Lol, the Aqua 8s are ugly as fuck. Stop trying to lure Uptown out by getting his email you faggot rapist.

        Go stick your head up yo mama’s and taste it. It tastes identical to the 8s since you love it so much. You nasty fucker.

    • Dev_the_Dude

      You trippin my nigga… There’s a lot of heat dropping this year…. A lot!!!

    • God Hates Geeks

      Ageeed! I’ll be coppin those and Kyrie All-Stars!

      • jordan king

        The kyrie all stars are nice

    • Corey Worthy

      Wat is wrong with ypu thae hare 7s,Chicago 10 with the 45 on the side and the Bordeaux 7s are you crazy

  • It’s about time!!

  • Youngboy

    NA! They rumor that they will release the SPACE JAM 11 low, RAGING BULL 5!!!!

    • Corey Worthy

      Coping the air joedan 11 low space jam

  • J Smooth

    I like the fact that they didn’t release these when the other 3 came out 2013. Out of all the 8’s these where the specific ones I wanted then they talking about the end of the year……. wtf it just turned 2015 they should have just waited to tell ppl n the summer. Then the Doernbecher’s was only available online.

  • Julio guerra

    I rather save my money and get the cigar 7s or the champaign 7s when they release this year

    • Wes

      Which planet you come from homie.

      • Kray11

        Why you say that ? Cause i know they coming out with a cigar and champaign pack for every shoe he won a ship with

    • Corey Worthy

      You mean cigar 6 and champagne 6 not 7

      • Kray11

        No you read right . 7s not 6s cause they came out last year , jb is celebrating 7s this year and they are going to announce them sometime this year

      • Julio guerra

        No i fucking told you they coming out with a pacl for yhe 7s and they did dumbass i know my info and my sources are forever correct . next they making a pack for the 8s

  • Waveyy_ty

    Been waiting for these to drop ever since I traded my 07s, I hope the remastered versions paint doesn’t crack, that’s the only reason I was willing to give em up

    • Grizzy2x

      @Waveyy_ty Ehh 1 HUNNID BRUH same wit me shit better not crackk likea egg

  • tru

    Of all the things that could release…… Why ? why these pieces of sh*t….?

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  • Robert

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  • productofthe80s

    HYFR been waitn for these shits

  • Anthony Manrique

    Retro the Flint 7s!!!!!

    • Corey Worthy

      O yea

  • ☆Dizzy Story☆

    Oh don’t do … Yah … Oh My God

    I Must Cop

  • SirFuck YaMotha

    These use to be my favorite ones but ever since I got the Playoffs 8’s I begin to have a new favorite but I am still considering getting these but I want the 11’s that are coming out doing the holidays plus the 7’s that are coming out in july

  • 069Tarentino_

    Definitely gettin these

  • Foxx561

    i can tell how this is gonna go. lemme get my shot gun ready for the fuckery


    Quality on point yesssss

  • InMy02’s

    Where not about to debate about a clear cop are we?

  • Valentine

    Im getting these. I work at a shoe store. Easiest buys of all time.

  • Corey Worthy

    Between these and the 8 threepeat dont know what i want but this an og colorway but the threepeat is new and mew takes out the old so which ones should i get to you guys i think the aquas

  • WhatsFly23

    got to have these in my collection but i wear my kicks

  • 3847LawrenceAv

    I will cop two pairs of these for sure

  • fuckjordan

    Holy shit these are fucking ugly as shit but dipshits will buy them well not buy steal or kill cant get to much on section 8 but yo shoes fresh lol fucktards

    • jordan kid

      Shut the fuck up pussy

  • prprincprinceretro9

    Tgesse could be the second best blue colored CW of the year

  • prprincprinceretro9

    These*…. But yea Columbian 4s hands down best shoe this year with blue in it

  • princeretro9

    These could be the second best shoe with blue in iit this year behind the Columbian 4s … Imo

  • MercyProd

    Hare 7’s (copped), Bred 11 lows (secured), Bordeaux 7’s, Aqua 8’s, Threepeat 8’s (maybe), 72-10 11’s, and Gone fishing foams… 2015 Cop List

    • yung

      Sounds like me lol

  • TheSneakerHub

    My number 1 shoe of this year!

  • Nite

    Copping for sure

  • Jess Anthony

    I have a pair size 6y only worn once anyone want to beat the release date hit me up [email protected] flight club has them for 400+ I’m asking 300 and willing to obo

  • W_dubb


  • Bruh

    These, Colombia 4s and UNC 1s best shoes with blue this year

    • PatriotluvsxxorXX

      French Blue 7s are your favorite tho

  • sneakerhead23

    I want these so bad! screw the 11s in december, i’d rather have these instead. last cop of 2015 (that is if i do get them)

    • RockawayBully

      You will they will be a GR plus multiple restocked for this shoe and the 11’s coming out at the end of the year.

  • WRXMan

    Y’all can have the Hologram Foams. I’m taking these Aquas home with me come Black Friday.

  • Justin Jones


  • exel leon


  • zut

    All I can do is ?

  • Sneakerhead Ricky

    Really hoping that the materials are exceptional and authentic on these…..


    Just picked up the Retros on eBay for under $50 pass as DS. Shame they got a minor bit of sep after wearing them. Can’t wait to pick these up

  • Ooooooh I can’t wait!

  • ₩₳▼€?

    My size too lol this is a sign

  • PatriotluvsxxorXX

    I got 6 pair in stock already. I wore some yesterday and heads were turning wondering how???? Size 10, 10.5 , 11. Hit me up if you interested. $365 shipped . The pair I wore is down to $350 since I stepped in some gum but still smell new besides a couple sock fuzzies that got on the insides

    • Jacob

      Yo Benny I’m a 8 u got me ?

      • PatriotluvsxxorXX

        yeah I got you. $395 for size 8 for Jacob

  • Jacob

    Nvm I just saw the sizes

  • Jacob

    Are u getting the cyber Monday 1s early if so what sizes

    • PatriotluvsxxorXX

      I wore them today. Not a bad shoe. I got all sizes yo

  • Troy Marley

    6 pairs for what u stoping someone else from getting their pair WTF

  • Brad Hall

    These are really nice…They are a must for the year,might just have to double up.

  • Kicks Giggles

    6 pairs and still a nerd

  • Patriot luvs Jacob

    patty will rape you fo freeeee

  • Mark Jonker

    Would rather the chromes, coming abit later, personally

  • Robert Cardwell

    Dont the Og aquas have the gray in the back as well?

    • guest


  • George


  • Aldrian Moore

    Is it me or is the grey lighter on these than the original

  • Michael

    these shits GR as fuck tho?

  • Patriot luvs Jacob

    Jordan Models that ride the struggle bus: 2, 8, 9

  • yung

    I hate the grey on these man but they are a must cop

  • Joe

    Just copped hoe tf