Air Jordan 7 Barcelona Nights

Air Jordan 7 Retro Marvin the Martian


Jordan 7 Marvin the Martian

Air Jordan 7 VII Marvin the Matrian

Marvin the Martian Air Jordan 7

Air Jordan 7 Retro Marvin The Martian

Air Jordan 7 Marvin The Martian 2015


Source: shopspaceship / zsneakerheadz / imageny / joe_vft6 / trillest / icyheatsole / copkickz / HB / FP

  • johnson

    these are sick as HELL

    • pororock

      Mos Def dis is a gotta have pair for da the sneaker collection. … these joints are FUEGO……..

  • Sneakray

    Yess I will have these joints!

  • Cmon

    Most likely 180 euros, in Italy they don’t do dollars.

    • YourCunt

      In the entire EU they don’t do dollars.

  • NoDay$Off

    These a instant cop, always wanted to see sumn like this release

  • royce

    what other models will be included in the pack?

    • Jeff

      Heard spacejam 11s; pun intended

  • heaton

    a tweety yellow pair would be dope

    • ProMac

      Fuck yeah they would

  • CJWatson

    Now there giving them second names sound like my buddy with the same strong and everyday it has a different name purp or strawberry kush some other stupid name its getting out of control og all the way

    • JoeShmo510

      The difference between your boys strong and these is these are actually wjat they say they are! Sorry but ur boy dealer feeding him whatever he wanna hear, but JB is putting out something all New. Call it cookies son

  • MixBreed0628

    I hope the black upper part of the shoe is suade and leather or patend leather and suade to make them look more interesting instead of just having an all black suade air jordan 7.

  • amir anderson

    Have to get em

  • gordon

    these are pretty fresh i have to admit

  • DJ Skip

    A better version of the Hare 7s

    • Corey Worthy

      You said the better version of the hare 7s are you stupid

      • YourCunt

        In his opinion you massive cunt.

  • ₩₳▼€

    dope i kinda like the floral colors

  • Dez

    man these are hard af

  • quinn

    Yes will be copping

  • Jacob

    I’m coppin


    automatic pickup

  • 510kidd

    Not a fan of this # of j’s but these alright. Still not a 200 dollar shoe by far

  • Michigan

    From those pictures they look like they’re hot pink and not orange.

  • Guest

    these are nice but their not the same shoes in the catalog. i’m guessing the new pics are the gs version.

  • Paul Chenault

    Damn…I really hope the shoe still has the multi-color tab behind the jumpman…C’mon JB,don’t let me down…

  • ChiRaqGoofies

    I WONDER by the End of 2015 if anyone would remember these releasing? #icantgetJiggywitThisShit #GangGang

  • KingWhat

    This colorway had so much potential. JB with some more fuckshit.


    These are the GS version so they will look weird to some. Quality looks on point, reminds me of the Gold Metal 7’s with the black leather & hits of nubuck. Must cop for me

  • Shotyme25

    Those aren’t The MM7. Its another pair of Girl retro 7s

    • SMFH

      yeah the are you dip shit. they always come first in girls shoes then later we’ll see the mens version. you’re a fucking hypebeast.

      • Shotyme25

        wasn’t confirmed yet my dude. the pics are new for the confirmation. but we appreciate your input.

  • bernard

    I want to fuck the shit out of these shoes

    • J Rock


      • Ac
    • Corey Worthy


  • Yahya Hussein

    I fux with the white ones

    • Patriot

      Nah, you fuck with the hairy middle eastern women. You’re fucked up for marrying your cousin. Damn terrorist, stop wearing Jordans.

      • ISIS

        Shut the fuck up u gay ass patriot im shittin on ur country and ur dick eater president!!!!

        • Patriot

          Yo, your prophet Mohammed can eat a big fat dick. He was a broke Mutha Fuckin’ slave that had to marry an older milf for money lol.

          How do you like dem apples??? You terrorist ISIS bitch.

        • Patriot

          Yahya Hussein. We all know you signed on as a guest. Embrace your terrorist roots bitch. You ain’t got shit on me or America. Fucking terrorist.

  • omar najeeb

    The nearest trash dump is down the street.

    • Patriot

      Actually, the nearest cum dumpster is in your mama’s mouth.

      Get outta here you damn ISIS terrorist. Muhammad and your entire religion can eat a big fat dick like your mom.

  • Sneakray

    Lol these might be in discussion until March 7th, thought this release was gonna look totally different than what I’m looking at. But thats JB for us.

  • Kicks Giggles

    I thought i was going to cop these when the samples start popping up but nawwww I’m good these shits too kiddie

  • ATL Hawks 2015 NBA Champions

    Definitely a spring/summer time shoe

    • Corey Worthy

      You are right

  • Trophies

    Wow these are truly amazing

  • Henry IV

    Dem Dope

  • garbage

    Garbage nothing like the fucking samples…

  • Louisianna Hot Boy

    Beautiful shoe a must cop

  • Chris Brown

    Them bad boi’s clean for real for real!!! I’m waiting on these!!! I need a size 9.5 please and thank you

    • b thumper

      I would fight chris brown one on one.

  • $lim Poppa♓️

    clean shoe but idk where the nickname came from, grey/blue are definitely not marvin the martian colors

  • Sneakray

    The more I look at the sample & then the shoe I get disappointed more an more an start leaning harder on PASS!

  • Sneakray

    Should’ve called these like the bel-air 7’s or sumn cause I don’t get a Marvin feeling looking at that shoe!

  • Guest

    This would be nice if they had used the same scheme as the leaked nike release pic. There should be a solid green, red & yellow on this shoe. nothing says marvin.

    • JoeShmo510

      Im over here thinking the samething like where do i see the guy i grew up watching in these? Hollering out please JB but me in the room with the creators and let me show you what these are supposed to look like

  • Wright

    These are growing on me. At first wasn’t feeling them, but now I can’t wait for them to drop.

    • Mct88

      Its because of the hype… j/p

      • Tomgunz84


    • Tomgunz84

      I feel The Same Way I Guess That’s What Better Pics Can Do For Us Sneaker Heads haha

  • samuel

    These gonna be a problem in the streets. But any word on the Air Jordan 11 Low Space Jam?

    • Ajay

      Herd there bringing space jam 4 christmas but u never know

  • Michael

    Really…sneakerbar your going to delete my comment smh I didn’t say anything derogatory or offensive don’t get mad at me because I call you out on every article for hyping shoes up i know this is yall job

  • Tomgunz84

    SB yall gotta chill deleting comments nshit some of them arent offense at all….Like the one where dude said something about hype and said he was PLAYING delete the TROLL comments….. damn i thought that was the point of yall site to give people info and let them voice their opinion…..I guess not

    • Michael

      Sb running their site like nazi’s if you go against the opposition you get deleted but yall can promote violence in the sneaker community smh

      • Tomgunz84

        On me like i said they need to delete stupid ass people that be on here cuss i personally love their site they just need to kinda chill out

      • SneakerBar

        The nazi part actually made me laugh lol. Nah man sometimes our comment hosting deletes comments at times. Keep expressing your feelings bro. #TeamSBD

    • SneakerBar

      We didn’t delete the comments. Sometimes our comment hosting deletes comments, which we have no control over. We love that you guys express your opinions that’s what the comments section is all about.

      Keep speaking your mind truthfully in the comments and I’ll never delete them myself. #TeamSBD

      • Tomgunz84

        Aww ok shit thats a good thing to know keep up the good work tho much love SBD

        • SneakerBar

          Always bro. And I see you on here frequently and I thank you for that.

          • Tomgunz84

            Yeah I Been Rocking Wit Yall For Some Years Now So No Problem !

          • 90sfuc80s

            thats why i fuc wit yall

  • Jacob

    These are growing on me

  • vladimir grey

    straight fireeeee! gotta have these bad boys!

  • Lexi

    Imma have to say these will sit on the shelves IMO

    • shOt-1un


    • Corey Worthy

      Not really pwople will always cop air jordabs no matter what

      • Jeffrey L Williams

        Not really

  • J from FLA

    Someone please save JB(Jordan Brand) from themselves.. this shit is getting out of hand.

  • J_Collector

    best part are the soles everything else is blah could have been executed better if they had incorporated more green

    • Paul Chenault

      You say that now

    • Corey Worthy

      No it isn’t

  • Sneakray
  • Brianjumpman23

    Sneaker Bar Detroit why do u say jordan brand will b releasing several air jordan 7’s this year some will b remastered versions? I thought they all will b remastered. My understanding was every air Jordan retro releasing will b remastered not just this year but from now on not just certain ones. Please explain.

    • whitemikenj

      they all goin to have the same quality….but i think what they meant is it has to have released b4 to be re-mastered….otherwise its just a new colorway with the new better quality…do u understand where i’m comin from?

  • jordan king

    Thse are the most ugluest things i saw in years

  • Ernest John Cranmer Jr.

    These KICKZ ARE AWESOME!!! I Love The Infrared, The Blue, and Definitely The Green because Green is My Fav Color. These KICKZ ARE DOPE!!! I’m GONNA COP Them ‘CUZ They’re a MUST HAVE For Spring 2015. My name is Ernest, I prefer to be called, “MJ”. If I COP These KICKZ, I got a New Nickname for 2015. MJ The Martian 2015. My new screen name will be MJ The Martian Disney Magic ’15.

  • Ernest John Cranmer Jr.

    I’m Looking to COP The Jordan Air Jordan 7 French Blue. If I don’t COP Those For My B-Day Next Week, However, I’m Looking 4-WARD 2 The Marvin The Martian Pairs in March. The Air Jordan XX9 Year of The Goat is Whack. If I don’t get the Air Jordan 7 French Blue, I would go for The Air Jordan XX9 Year of The Goat. I KNOW THESE ARE A MUST HAVE BECAUSE OF THE GREEN!!! 🙂

  • S3cret_Weaponzz

    the leather looks a1

  • naesadity

    My Lil daddy going to love these for his 4th bday


    Man I can’t wait to scoop these up!!

  • BXNYC718

    I liked the colorway before they changed it

  • K Chase

    O yea these bout fresh ass hell…. Yap I must cop for me

  • SHPzFinest .

    They shoulda keep em how they were smh

  • Brian

    Too childish for me maybe going for the hare 7 and Bordeaux 7s

  • big daddy


    • Corey Worthy

      Even the sweater ones

  • Globoi

    Is this going to be raffle or no plz answer cuz I need to know

    • Sari

      No those are only on major releases

    • Mj

      Yes on all retros

  • SirFuck YaMotha

    They did a good job with the color scheme

  • Corey Worthy

    They did good with the colorway but the colors isnt even correct marvin the martian colors are black,green and red i see a blue what is that

  • EarlyLink

    Early Links Are sold here:

    • Q Z


  • jae

    Pass waiting on the Hare 7s

  • Guest

    they total fucked these up. Nothing say mtm on these.

  • June Boy

    I like these. Looks cool. Lookin forward to tha day it comes out, wanna cop’em.

  • June Boy

    Also I want tha J5s that come out in June.


    Gosh damn I can’t wait for these

  • Mark

    This is Marvin the Martian…

    These should be called McDonald’s Ball Pit 7s

    • Ask Your Mother

      bitch nigga shut the fuck up before I beat your ass. These called “Buy Me To Be Cool” shoes and your ass is gonna be first in line JOKER ass nigga. Shit wanna see me holla at me

      • Mark

        ATTENTION EVERYONE! We have an internet gangster in the discussion!

        • YourCunt

          Indeed we do

      • YourCunt

        Oh my, Aren’t you a feisty one? Haha, You pathetic bitch, How about you fight ME? Give me your address cunt.

  • Chance

    Im buying these just to burn them. UGLY ASS FUCK

    • YourCunt

      Well then you basically wasted your money

    • Corey Worthy

      That is a waste You crackhead

  • Corey Worthy

    Waiting on the hare 7

  • MEKO

    do anyone think these jordans,will soldout the first day

    • YourCunt


    • Corey Worthy

      Yea because people like them on a real note but try to hide it

  • Jeffrey L Williams

    These look better better than “raptors” and that new “sweater” print. I like um. Definite cop. Bordeauxs and Hares are undenied classics…but sleep on these if you want to.

    • SQUIG

      I agree! I’m with you the whole way bro

    • Corey Worthy

      They are way better than the Raptors

  • Jeffrey L Williams

    And this shoe screams Marvin the Martian all day.

  • h

    Got a sneak peak today…. I am afraid that the remastered series is a scam to get us to pay 190 for Jordans. While I like the remastered 10’s and 4’s and had no problem dropping 190 for them, the Martian’s don’t look anywhere near the quality of the remastered series yet the price is the same.

    • b thumper

      For sure, the synthetic suede looks cheap. Should have made all of em with the rippled leather.

  • Corey Worthy

    This shoe had really increased to me because thwse to me was a non cop but know they are a cop thought

  • fanta

    How Much Are They In A Size 6 ?

    • Anndhy


  • hi

    can i pre order them

  • Flamboyant

    Hey fool that want to burn the Marvin the Martian
    U must be an idiot to burn money. So why? Nigga kill yourself 4X…Pick one:Dum or Stupid

  • Macho Barreiro

    Is the bottom that pinkish looking red or Wat

    • SQUIG

      If you’re already hating then don’t worry about them & keep it moving

  • I want these. I am a big fan of the 7s.

  • PatriotluvsxxorXX

    If I see anyone wearing white socks with black shoes I will go out of my way and give you a forearm shiver to the ribs. smh

  • jake torres

    I would love to see you try that internet tough guy.

    • PatriotluvsxxorXX

      already did it clownball

  • Jerome

    this dude in the pics is a true white boy with no swag lol

    • YourCunt

      Shut your swagfag having self up you bitch ass nigga.

  • hl

    These r pretty tight but saving for the double nickel’s

  • Lol

    Do u think the lines for this are gonna be bad?


    Strawberry kiwi

  • derrick

    Should i wait til moring ta get these or will dey be soldout before noon

    • YourCunt

      I went to go get my french blue at 2pm without a ticket, So idk man these are more hyped than the french blues. I would get em in the morning

  • Kendall

    I really hope these don’t sell out. Hoping to cop two pairs please

  • Daniel Huffington

    Do any of Yall think these are going to sell out? Even if I try buying from 3 different places online as soon as they drop, will I be able to get a pair? Never bought shoes online when they release.

  • Chris cooper

    These are general release u definitley wont have a problem getting a pair.. NO BOT needed

    • jr809

      was sold-out by noon tho

    • Rob Q

      Literally sold out first 3m

  • jlo

    F*#k Footlocker Reseller Employees!!!!

  • Daniel Huffington

    These sold out quick in 5 minutes! Luckily I was able to cop at Nike waiting 8 minutes to add to cart.

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Woke up around noon & saw they were gone, what a laugh

  • Vaustic

    I got em, been waitin on these for a minute.



  • Vaustic

    I actually got 2 pair, learned each design on each of the tounges are all different, my size 12 tounges arnt the same pattern as my 11’s or the ones in this picture

  • Flamboyant

    Buenos? Got 2 pair rights now! Marvin the Martian- 11.5 & a ’12…$300 ea…[email protected] in box wit receipt …holla

  • Joj

    Sold out !!!!

  • Flamboyant

    No! No! If any body looking for the Martian 7,I got 2 11.5 & ’12($270 a pair)New w/receipt…[email protected]

  • ivory 100

    I just got a pair of 7s and the tongue doesn’t match the picture were the blue is mines have yellow is my stuff fake??

    • Thomas

      Same here. Send me a pic my kik username is Awesomedinna


    How many were made?

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